How to Apply Using Aromatherapy Massage to Relieve Geriatric Constipation

CE Institute LLC has evolved to an evidence-based massage instructional school. We teach from proven medical methods and research, when it is available.

In this short video which is publicly available on YouTube, we provide an instructor demonstration of how to provide aromatherapy massage to relieve constipation in the elderly, as demonstrated in the 2005 research study titled:  Effect of aromatherapy massage for the relief of constipation in the elderly

Please keep in mind that this research study was translated to English from a foreign language, so the hands-on practice of the researched intervention is lose (not exact) translation of the manual protocol.

The study uses lemon, peppermint and rosemary essential oils for the abdominal massage, which can also be called belly massage or tummy massage.

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Do you work in clockwise or counterclockwise in professional abdominal, tummy or belly massage?

Do you work in clockwise or counterclockwise in professional abdominal, tummy or belly massage?

The answer is, you massage in clockwise direction on a client's abdomen, in most cases. Licensed massage therapists should always perform a health intake process with each individual client to ensure that their unique needs are met.  An example of when you might massage in counterclockwise direction on the abdomen might be when you have a client diagnosed with situs inversus.

A tummy massage therapy routine example could consist of standing on the left hand side of the table next to the client's tummy.  The massage would start at the left side of the abdomen at the ascending colon, then massage from left to right across the transcending colon, then massage inferiorly on the right lateral side of the navel or tummy, working downwards on the descending colon.  This is different from manual lymphatic drainage or some other bodywork hands-on skills and techniques.

Please register for CE training with us to learn how to properly apply professional therapeutic massage techniques. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Post-Abdominoplasty

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Post-Abdominoplasty

We have many manual lymphatic drainage students who wish to practice MLD techniques post-abdominoplasty procedure.

On April 5, 2022, the Journal of American Society of Plastic Surgeons published an article called: Changes in the Pattern of Superficial Lymphatic Drainage of the Abdomen after Abdominoplasty https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35383695/

This published research states: "A significant change in lymphatic drainage pathway occurred in the infraumbilical region after abdominoplasty. The axillary drainage path was predominant after the operation, in contrast to the inguinal path observed in the preoperative period."

There is a LOT to learn to accurately and efficiently applied MLD techniques with the lastest research, proven methods and adverse complications, such as this one. We teach about this and much more in our manual lymphatic drainage classes. For the latest, evidence-based methods in manual lymphatic drainage training, please register with us at:  https://ceinstitute.com/collections/lymphatics

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Aromatherapy & Sports Massage - Hot Towel Compress Instructor Demonstration

Aromatherapy & Sports Massage - Hot Towel Compress Instructor Demonstration

Most massage appointments can be improved with a hot towel service.

First, massage therapists should immerse a couple drops of essential oil with hot water in a bowl of clean sink to create an aromatherapy water bath.  For sports massage, consider adding a few drops of juniper and lavender essential oil for an aromatherapy immersion.  Add hand towels to the aromatherapy water bath and squeeze excess water from the towels. Insert the towels into a hot towel cabi to keep them hot.

If a client wants hot towel compress treatment or their back, apply the three to four towels to the client’s back before their back massage (and after if desired). Apply one towel at a time to the back and renew the heat with a fresh hot towel (removing the cold towel) repeatedly, as demonstrated in the training video. Repeatedly compress the wet hot towel into the client's soft tissue as shown in the training video. BE SURE TO AIR OUT the hot towel prior to applying to skin, to make sure the client is not burned with a towel that is too hot for them. Repeatedly check in with the client to ensure the temperature is comfortable with the hot towel, where-ever it is applied.

It's great practice to save at least one hot towel for the feet. Wipe off any massage oils or lotions while you’re on the feet so the floor will feel less slippery when the client dismounts the table.

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Instructor Demonstration Steamed Full Body Scrub aka The Human Car Wash

Instructor Demonstration Steamed Full Body Scrub aka The Human Car Wash

To facilitate a steamed scrub, a practitioner would perform their body scrub as usual, but add steam to the area that is being scrubbed with a facial steamer (those are the spa machines that stand about 3 to 5 feet high on wheels and blow steam from the steamer arm).

Keep the steamer arm about 14 to 18 inches from skin/scrub area. If the skin becomes red, the steamer may be too close to the skin or the scrubbing is too hard (especially with sensitive skins). Watch the skin for redness and adjust accordingly.

Move the steamer and steamer arm around to the different areas of the body being scrubbed, as shown in the training video.

Remember, that the steam time may not last longer than 10 to 20 minutes, so turn the steamer off while not scrubbing to ensure there is enough steam for the full body.

Steamed scrubs are particularly fabulous for athletes, and other clients who might spend long periods of time in the sun.  Athletes who spend many hours training might find their skin in less than ideal condition, so a steamed scrub service not only removes dead skin and can help moisturize the skin, but they will also benefit from the thermal therapy and soft tissue manipulation as well.

Some steamers have an area where aromatherapy or essential oils can be added. If you can add aromatherapy to your steamer, you should chose something that's ideal for the client's needs.  Our basic aromatherapy training provides common uses of over 25 different essential oils, and is great information when selecting different aromatic essences for clients benefit.  We suggest using a mint-family essential oil with sports treatments to refresh and energize the air.

When adding this service to your service menu, suggested treatment names include:

  • Full Body Car Wash
  • Sports Steam and Scrub
  • Athletic Body Polish
  • Full Body Refresh and Renew
  • Full Body Facial (when adding full body moisturizing treatment after the full body scrub and scrub removal)

It is suggested to upcharge an additional $20+ to add steam to a full body scrub service. There is no extra time added to the scrub appointment, and minimal expense between distilled water and electricity to run the steamer.

You can learn more about how to perform this service in our Aromatherapy and Master Therapy Tools & Microtreatments training classes at CE Institute LLC.


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Lomi Lomi Massage: Alohatherapy Facial Instructor Demonstration

Lomi Lomi Massage: Alohatherapy Facial Instructor Demonstration

The practice of Hawaiian medicine was provided through story telling from one generation to the next.  As an isolated population, the Hawaiian people did not have text books and note charting for a great period of time.  Instead, they used story telling, song and dance to share information and keep an educated existence.

A Lomi Goal is to Bring Out ALOHA Principles.  Aloha principles are Feelings of:  Peace, Tranquility, Love, Humility, Kindness, Gratitude, Compassion, etc.  The word Aloha has many translations and meanings in the Hawaiian language. 

In tradition with Hawaiian practice, we have developed an Alohatherapy Lomi Lomi Facial Massage that tells a story of a life in Hawaii, with manual strokes on the face. Part of lomilomi massage is to to change your speed to become one with nature and the universe. One way you achieve this is by allowing your lomi lomi massage strokes to take on new meanings and purpose, as demonstrated here in this Alohatherapy facial training video: 

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Massage Therapy Instructor Demonstration Forearm Flexor Strumping aka Active Release Technique

Massage Therapy Instructor Demonstration Forearm Flexor Strumping aka Active Release Technique

Massage therapists use their hands - a LOT. As such, your hands are your most valuable tools when working as a licensed massage practitioner. 

In this training video, we will show a neuromuscular technique, that is also used to release fascial adhesions as part of myofascial release. It is also an active release technique also known as "ART". There is active movement on the behalf of the client, and the practitioner will then apply pressure and movement with their own fist to manipulate the underlying soft tissue.

At CE Institute LLC, we also call this technique strumping.  We are STRipping soft tissues while a joint is PUMPING, moving back and forth through its normal range of motion.

This technique can be provided to both forearm flexors and extensors. It is an invaluable tool and technique for massage therapists to apply to themselves as part of self-care, and it is also valuable therapy for clients who excessively use their hands as well, whether through sports competition, work, daily activities and more! 

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Reciprocal Inhibition to Relieve Muscle Cramping - Sports Massage Instructor Demonstration

Reciprocal Inhibition to Relieve Muscle Cramping - Sports Massage Instructor Demonstration

Reciprocal inhibition is the automatic antagonist alpha motor neurone inhibition which is evoked by contraction of the agonist muscle1.

The "natural" actional of reciprocal inhibition allows an opposing muscle to relax when its antagonist is contracted.

Knowing techniques to relieve muscle cramps, especially during sports massage, is a valuable skill for sports massage therapists.  Muscle cramping usually occurs in athletes when they are competing in heat, unable to adequately hydrate, and overusing their muscles, especially in repetitive exercise such as running, bicycling and other sports. 

In this training video, you can view an instructor demonstration of how reciprocal inhibition is practiced for both the quadricep and hamstring muscles of the upper thigh: 

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1. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8299401/#:~:text=Reciprocal%20inhibition%20is%20the%20automatic,the%20control%20of%20voluntary%20movements.


Working with Chronic Plantar Fasciitis - Massage Therapy Instructor Demonstration

Working with Chronic Plantar Fasciitis - Massage Therapy Instructor Demonstration

According to the Mayo Clinic, plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of each foot and connects the heel bone to the toes (plantar fascia).

Plantar fasciitis commonly causes stabbing pain that usually occurs with your first steps in the morning. As you get up and move, the pain normally decreases, but it might return after long periods of standing or when you stand up after sitting.

The cause of plantar fasciitis is poorly understood. It is more common in runners and in people who are overweight.

At one point of time, plantar fasciitis was known as policeman's heel, because police who walked and stood all day were commonly effected. 

Massage therapists should not manipulate acute or swollen plantar fasciitis.  Pressing into swollen or acutely torn soft tissue could further tear the tissue.  

Scar tissue often develops during the healing process of plantar fasciitis.  It is essential to attempt to "break-down" and thin the scar tissue to prevent further tears.  This advanced hands-on massage therapy practice training video with plantar fasciitis is a helpful and beneficial practice to attempt to break-down scar tissue that develops after tearing and swelling, when the client enters their chronic or sub-acute phase of plantar fasciitis.




A Few Quick Tips in How to Provide Professional Casino Chair Massage

A Few Quick Tips in How to Provide Professional Casino Chair Massage

Corporate chair and onsite massage has moved to new types of offices, including poker tables for poker professionals and other gaming amateurs and experts in a casino. Enter massage.

Spending long hours at a casino table or slot machine can be "bad for the back". Luckily, massage therapists can now work in many casinos, and provide massage therapy services to casino patrons and staff.

In this chair massage training video, licensed massage therapist Kelley Stead of Winning Hands will share the basics of casino chair massage is offered in professional setting:

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