School Policies & FAQs

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Student Registrations: Register & Complete Training in Your OWN NAME
Students must pay and register for training in their own name.  Most schools will not swap/change names on completed CE training, certificate or reporting to avoid the possible fraud and/or human trafficking issues that could be achieved with such requests.  Please do not purchase training in someone else's name and then request us to change the name after the fact.  There is a $25 administrative fee to change student registration information prior to the start of training when our policies such as this one are violated; and, the school may simply require you to reregister for the training in the correct name rather that attempt to change school records on an erroneous registration. Please note that when a student completes their training, the school's work has been completed and the school will not start new registration requests including name changes on completed training. Anyone who attempts to procure CE credit and/or certificates in multiple names with only one course completion may be reported to the appropriate boards and/or authorities for suspected CE fraud.

Who Can Take Our CE Courses, Class Times, Language Certificates & Licenses
Any adult individual can take our CE classes regardless of profession.  We primarily teach as a bodywork educational institute.  We have many different professionals in every class, including massage therapists, nurses, medical assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, estheticians, cosmetologists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physicians, healthcare industry business owners and more.  All classes are taught in the English Language (unless otherwise noted) and are offered at Eastern Time (ET).  All students who have attended and completed 100% of their course will receive a Certificate of Attendance for their successful class completion.  For unlicensed professionals, please do not confuse our course certification with a license.  Most states require a professional license to practice hands-on bodywork, massage or healthcare.  If you do not have a professional license but wish to practice hands-on  bodywork, massage or healthcare, then you should contact your state's professional regulation/licensing board for licensed healthcare requirements.  We are unable to provide legal or licensing advice for students seeking licensing - only a licensed attorney or state licensing board can provide the most accurate up-to-date licensing information.  

CE Hour Reporting
Institute LLC reports CE Hours to CE Broker for massage therapist for the states of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina within 1-week of a successful completion of class. Partial CE credit is not available for incomplete home study courses, and selectively available in live classes when the training is not completed in full.   Please check your own state's various CE requirements if you are unsure about your CE renewal requirements.  Board CE credit is not an automatic with any purchase. We do not issue partial CE credit for self-paced home study classes. Partial CE credit might be available in live training however that would be up to the instructor's discretion. Students who miss the majority of their live training may not be eligible for CE credit. The school reserves the right to revoke or not provide CE hours for any student who has received a refund and has not paid for the CE credit or training. We are CE Broker Approved Provider #50-15044 & NCBTMB Approved Provider #68.

CE Instructors
Most of the classes are taught by Selena Belisle.  Selena is a Retired Professional Athlete and a Master Therapist of Multiple Modalities.  She has studied at the Beijing Hospital in Beijing China, The New School of Acupuncture and completed over a 1,000 Hour Program at the Massage Institute of New England. She has been practicing massage and bodywork for 30 years.  You can click the School Staff tab on the top menu bar to view all of our instructors and their experience/accolades.

Registration Process & Payment
Students will pay in-full for the training on our website to register for class, and CE credit/certificate is not provided for unpaid training. If a student manages to procure unpaid training with us, or revokes payment, the credit will also be revoked for nonpayment. Our school also reserves the right to inform any institution of theft of services for any unpaid CE hours or training. We do not accept class registrations over the phone or email.  All class purchases must agree to our terms, policies and FAQs which are confirmed via our online website registration and payment process. We discontinued offering a payment plan for classes in August 2022, given students were disgruntled to receive multiple smaller invoices for a class, and the payment plan was offered at an increased cost to the school.  Even though the sezzle payment plan was supposed to be a student convenience, the school cannot continue to pay extra for a service that students will ultimately feel negatively about.

CE Credit & Attendance
Students must attend 100% of the class to receive CE credit. NCBTMB does not allow for partial credit classes under any circumstance.  No board allows for CE credit to be provided for any time that a student does not attend class for any reason or excuse (i.e. court mandated phone calls, breast-milk pumping, business problems, etc. - there are zero exceptions).  We often accept tardy admissions to class (whenever possible); however, a student will not be provided CE credit for any time that they are not physically present within the classroom. A student could be denied class admission due to tardiness, or if they do not return from a meal or break, on-time.  From a class safety standpoint - it is important that a student attends 100% of class so that they do not miss any vital information pertaining to the class subject matter's practice or purpose.  As per the board's rules, students do not have to participate in hands-on practice to receive live hands-on credit CE hours - although they must be physically present in the classroom during all class times regardless of hands-on practice.  We will not break these policies for anyone so that we may preserve a professional board approved process and ensure that our CE credit cannot be rescinded by a board for breaking their policies.  We do not provide refunds or automatic make-ups for any student who is denied access, tardy, absent or misses any part of class.

Contacting the School
Please email the school at for all inquiries.  We are no longer able to accept phone calls or texts as of June 2021, due to overwhelming call volume for our online training, labor shortages, and our need to keep school expenses low to continually offer affordable training to students.  Students who are attending a live training will be emailed a special phone # to reach school staff approximately 1-hour prior to the start of training.  Students who are attending a live webinar will also be provided a 1-800 support phone # to reach tech support experts for computer/online training assistance which will remain staffed and available during the entire webinar.  

Class Break & Meal Times
Our classes are designed with a 10 minute break every hour.  This gives you a chance to use the restroom, make a phone call or grab a snack without missing class - and you still receive credit for the entire hour(s).  A 50 Minute Clock Hour is generally one of the most acceptable teaching formats - and we believe taking frequent breaks will help keep your attention and allow you to retain a greater amount of information.  Most 6 and 12 CE Hour classes also include a 30-minute meal break as well.  Please email us at if you would like to know the specified break time allotted for your class.  Exception:  Nursing CE classes require 60 Minute Clock Hours and CE Credit will be provided as such.  

School Sickness Policy, Hygiene, Sanitation & Personal Appearance 
Admission to class may be refused to any student who demonstrates or shares that they have a contagious illness.  Class credit and/or refund may be available to ill students - although a doctor's note may be required.  Students may also be refused admission or physical hands-on participation in class if they exhibit any outward signs of illness, poor hygiene or sanitation standards.  Physical admission to the school campus can be denied if a student fails to wash or sanitize hands, exhibits general uncleanliness including foul odor(s), has fingernails too long to practice the modality (this includes natural or acrylic/gel nails), shows with improper/unprofessional attire, etc.  Please only wear clean clothing and dress professionally/modestly.  All students must wear facial masks that cover both the mouth and nose during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students wearing half tops, improper footwear (i.e. flip flops, high heels, etc.), no mask, or dressed unprofessionally may be refused admittance  and/or modified participation in class.  

Class Handouts, Materials & Supplies
Students taking online training must download their own student handouts or materials, or else they will not receive them.  We do not email handouts to students for any reason. Students taking in-person training must bring their own sheets (top and bottom sheet), 2 hand towels and a face cradle cover to class. The school provides a workbook, written hands-on protocols and/or student handouts, tables, chairs, face cradles/cushions, bolsters, pens, lotions, oils and all other class required equipment (unless otherwise noted via email).  Students who attend without proper linens may pay $10 to "rent" freshly-laundered sheets (on a 1st come - 1st serve basis when available).  Students may not receive the hands-on work from other students if they cannot properly drape our tables (or themselves) to receive this work.  

Pictures or Audio/Video Recording
No video or audio recording is allowed at the school. Pictures MIGHT be allowed IF the student has the instructor's permission, and the permission of any student(s) included within the picture.  It is unethical to record or photograph anyone without their permission, especially given our classes often involve nudity in bodywork.  We take this matter very seriously.  At the instructor and/or school's discretion, any student who violates this policy may be asked to leave class without warning, a refund and/or CE credit.  

Live In-Person Class Sizes
Our class sizes are SMALL. We try to never have more than 20 students (usually less) per live class/per instructor so that everyone receives excellent attention and direction.  Our live class size will be even smaller during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The only exception to this rule is when an Instructor provides Group Presentations for the AMTA, State House, FSMTA, etc.  Check out our class pictures to view our class sizes throughout the years.  We also require a minimum of 6 students to hold a live class.  PLEASE DO NOT BOOK AIRFARE OR HOTEL our live class(es) without confirming first that there is the minimum attendance to hold the class (please keep in mind that students can cancel or change their class registrations up to 1-week prior to class and instructors may get sick or have emergencies that could require last minute cancellations).  CE Institute LLC will notify students at least 1-week prior to class (via phone and/or email) when there is not enough registrants to hold a class.  CE Institute LLC disclaims all student expense to attend live classes under all circumstances.

Live Class Location

The location of your live in-person class can vary depending on the class. Please view the class website page for individual details about where that particular class for any particular date will be held.​​

What more can be said about the classes?
Having Fun is Mandatory. Most of us would rather spend time with a loved one or in a hobby or sport instead of class. So, we make class as painless as possible when you have to learn new materials or fulfill licensing requirements. In fact, may of our students like our classes so much that they repeat and try new subjects!  Our classes are very serious business; so, we work extra hard to make learning a fun, educational, visual hands-on experience for everyone to enjoy.  You can view what other students said about our classes by scrolling to the bottom of any of our class pages to see past student reviews.

Cancellation & Changes Policy
Students must provide 7 days notice prior to the start of a live class to change or cancel their class registration.  As long as 7 days notice is provided, students may change their class 1-time OR receive a $35 or 90% class refund (whichever is greater minus any free training they received as part of their live class purchase).  To provide stability for instructors and attendees of a live class (due to minimum attendee requirements, etc.), there are no refunds or changes allowed within 1-week of a live class, with some limited exceptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Any student who requires to change their live class 2 times or more with at least 1-week's notice prior to the start of a live class start date, will be allowed to make changes with a $50 administrative fee per incident. Online/homestudy classes are nonrefundable.  

Where can I eat?
For your convenience, we have a comfortable student break room outside of classroom which has a microwave, small refrigerator, sink, tables and chairs. Your Instructor will provide coffee, tea, spring water and snacks for the class. You should bring your own meal or snacks if you wish to eat while at the school. Eating is allowed during class lecture, meal and/or break times.  Eating is not allowed during the practical hands-on portion of class.  
Where do I park?
We want your day to start off right!  We ensure there is plentiful: free, street and/or affordable parking no matter which location we offer our class.  ​You can view the different nearby parking options by clicking the parking tab at the top of the page.
What makes this education different from others?
We try to think of everything, from providing class materials/effective hand-outs and relevant studies that can be referenced by students at later dates, ​to making sure you have a place to eat or take a break from class, to providing beautiful Certificates of Completion of all courses (something you can hang on your wall and be proud).  We work very hard to ensure you have a positive and valuable learning experience. Not only is our instructor a master in every area that is taught, but as a NCBTMB National Board Certified Approved CE Provider, we provide Class Surveys at the end of every class to give us the opportunity to improve upon feedback, and continue what works well.

Who can attend or participate in CE Institute LLC Classes?
​​All live class attendees must be a graduate or student in a appropriate training program which allows them to practice the actual work taught in class (i.e. MT graduate, Esthetician graduate, Nurse graduate, etc.).  Managers and front desk personnel may attend live/hands-on classes however they may not participate in the hands-on portion of class,. Online Classes are only available to Licensed (plus expired/delinquent licensed) Professionals.  All attendees must register and pay for their attendance prior to being admitted to class - no unpaid "guests" are allowed.  All appropriate licensed (plus expired/delinquent licensed) professionals will receive a Certificate of Attendance with their name and license # printed on it (as required in NCBTMB classes).  We do not provide CE Credit or a Certificate for anyone who is not a licensed professional graduate, does not hold a respective license, or has never held a license in any of the necessary/respective fields.  Certificates are provided as follows:

  • Live Interactive Webinars: sent via email
  • Self-paced/Homestudy: student downloads or prints certificate themselves after they complete their course survey while their course is still active
  • In-person Classes: Paper Certificate is Provided to Student in Class

Are there any special rules with Online Courses?  
YES.  Students must follow the directions provided on the website page where the REGISTER button is found for the online course.  Online courses have a limited time access period.  This and other other important directions and policies are listed on each online course website page.  Students must pass their online course exam, complete the online class survey and download or print their own course CE certificate for each online course - these options are only available during a student's paid access time to their online course.  Any replacement certificates or additional access to an expired course will require a minimum $25 administrative payment from the student.  All online courses must be purchased by the student taking the online course - please do not purchase an online course for someone else because we cannot issue CE credit or a refund under this circumstance.  ​​

Are there any "competition" restrictions at the school?
YES.  We often have other CE Providers in our classes; however, no student is allowed to distribute information (orally or in writing) about non-CE Institute training or classes. While several have tried, our Institute is not a promotional grounds for other trainers or providers. Any attendee who attempts to train our students or promote other classes at our premises will be required to leave - without a refund.

Do you allow student/group training?
NO.  While students often enjoy a contributory process in class, we do restrict "student-led" training.  It is not advised to take direction from other students in a CE class, especially if our instructor(s) are not monitoring this instruction or interaction.  Our priority is your safety - so only the board approved curriculum with instructor supervision is allowed in class for a proper and professional CE experience.

Why choose CE Institute LLC?
​​We believe in QUALITY AFFORDABLE education.  Our instructors teach multiple subjects every week and as such, we do not need to charge an "arm and a leg" to provide a one-time or once-a-month class.  We do not believe that charging more makes a better class.  To the contrary, the vast majority of our students have repeatedly surveyed 100% Overall Class Satisfaction and 100% Satisfaction in Class Quality and Costs.

Please email us at for any additional questions.  We're happy to help!  Please provide 24-48 hours for response.  Thank you!


Company Policies

  1. CE Institute LLC's website and classes are not intended nor recommended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek medical advice, diagnosis and/or treatment from a licensed medical physician.
  2. CE Institute LLC's website and classes are not intended nor recommended as a substitute for legal or business advice. Always seek legal advice from a licensed attorney. 
  3. All qualified students and/or employees have the opportunity to receive training and/or employment without discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law. CE Institute LLC prohibits any such discrimination or harassment.
  4. CE Institute LLC is a small private learning center. Anyone who creates extraneous circumstances for our limited staff may not be able to continue with our business in any capacity. CE Institute LLC reserves the right to refuse service to an individual at any time for any reason.
  5. As a small private school, CE Institute LLC at it's sole discretion may accept or deny any student registration/attendance - or instruct a student to leave during class if they are disruptive to the training, other students, staff or our general business itself.  Candidates who in general may be refused attendance include those who are not properly licensed to perform the service in which they are seeking training, those with unresolved complaints and/or disciplinary action against their license and so forth.
  6. CE Institute LLC nor it's representatives are not responsible for typos,misprints or errors in any of our materials.  We reserve the right to make corrections to vocal, printed or any erroneous matters at any time.
  7. All weapons, including concealed firearms are prohibited in CE Institute LLC property, classes, registration and all aspects of operations.  Anyone who violates this policy will be required to leave (without a refund).  The police and appropriate licensing boards will be notified that weapon(s) were brought to a place where other people are in a state of undress and the violator disobeyed company policy in doing so.

CE Institute LLC's Company Policies are subject to change at any time and without notice.



Here is the Florida Board of Massage Continuing Education Statute:

64B7-28.009 Continuing Education.

(1) During each biennium, each licensee shall complete a minimum of one classroom hour of continuing education from a Board-approved provider for each month the license is active, up to a maximum requirement of 24 months for the renewal period.

(2) For the purposes of this chapter a “classroom hour” shall be defined as no less than 50 minutes of any one clock hour during which the student participates in a learning activity of the continuing education provider.

(3) Continuing education for licensees who are renewing their license for the first time shall include the following:

(a) Two classroom hours of instruction on prevention of medical errors that meet the requirements of Section 456.013(7), F.S.

(b) The remaining classroom hours may be satisfied by completing instruction in any of the subject matter listed in paragraphs 64B7-28.009(4)(a)-(d), F.A.C., of this rule.

(4) The continuing education requirement for all other licensees, not renewing for the first time, shall include the following:

(a) At least twelve (12) of the classroom hours of instruction must be relevant to and focus on massage therapy techniques, skills, and protocols as defined in Section 480.033(3), F.S. The instruction must be provided in the presence of the Board approved instructor(s) and must include hands-on participation by the licensee and/or a demonstration by the instructor(s).

(b) Two classroom hours of instruction in professional ethics. This requirement may be satisfied by attending two continuous hours of a meeting of the Board, provided the licensee does not have a disciplinary or licensure matter on the agenda and the licensee signs in and out of the meeting to demonstrate compliance.

(c) Two classroom hours of instruction on Chapters 456 and 480, F.S., and the rules promulgated by the Board. This requirement may be satisfied by attending two continuous hours of a meeting of the board, provided the licensee does not have a disciplinary or licensure matter on the agenda and the licensee signs in and out of the meeting to demonstrate compliance.

(d) Two classroom hours of instruction on prevention of medical errors that meet the requirements of Section 456.013(7), F.S.

Rulemaking Authority 456.013(7), (8), 480.035(7), 480.0415 FS. Law Implemented 456.013(7), (9), 480.0415 FS. History–New 4-21-86, Amended 2-25-88, 8-29-88, 1-30-90, 10-2-90, Formerly 21L-28.009, Amended 8-16-94, 6-5-95, 2-12-97, Formerly 61G11-28.009, Amended 8-16-98, 3-15-99, 9-20-99, 11-28-02, 2-13-05, 3-1-07, 5-1-07, 1-2-14, 9-1-15.