These "Save Your Hands" classes are specifically focused to provide service with less pressure on your hands.  Some massage therapies and bodyworks can be stressful with extreme pressures placed on your hands.  As such, we put together this wonderful list of classes to help "save your hands".  They are as follows:

ADVANCED DEEP TISSUE (with the exception of Ben Benjamin's Classes)
Considered Little Pressure on Hands Because Elbows are Primarily Used
On this website page, we have provided a SELECT LIST of our Advanced Deep Tissue Classes that primarily use knuckles or elbows to apply deep pressure. The advanced deep tissue bodywork still feels great with pinpoint precision movements and application in these select deep tissue classes, all while saving your hands!  Some of our deep tissue classes include work with your hands - so if you are seeking a class to save your hands - only choose classes from this website page please.  Thanks!

Considered Moderate Amount of Pressure on Hands
Depending on which aromatherapy class you take, our aromatherapy classes use essential oils for therapeutic benefits instead of pressure. Some of our aromatherapy classes use 4-handed massage, heated stones, aromatherapy wraps or body scrubs to break-up the monotony of your every day practice and grind!

Considered Very Little Pressure on your Hands
CranioSacral Therapy uses very light touch to create a sense of ease— deep within the Central Nervous System for optimal body functioning. It also provides stress and pain relief as well as many other health benefits!

Considered Little to Moderate Amount of Pressure on Hands
Cupping uses "reverse pressure" which can separate the upper soft tissues of the body. In theory, a cupping massage can break down myofascial adhesions, increase circulation and reduce trigger points (without having to apply extreme pressure on your hands).  A few students have an issue holding the cups, especially when they are "oily". They may find cupping difficult on their hands.  However, if you have considerable hand strength, cupping specifically saves your fingers by not applying pressure into your joints because there is no compression with your fingers directly into human tissue when you practice our cupping techniques.

Considered Very Little Pressure on/for Hands
Our geriatric bodywork classes include a Sweet Session™ which is a modified bodywork that includes verbal affirmations, limited massage, a few foot reflexology strokes, bone tracing, joint range of motion, breathing and some placement holds about the body. Its easy on your hands and body, and is a wonderful alternative therapy that can be used for frail geriatrics, preeclampsia pregnancies, cancer and AIDS clients, etc.

Considered Little to Moderate Amount of Pressure on Hands
Using stones to perform massage can take some of the pressure "off from your hands". Some therapists find hot stone massage "harder", but a good MANY find it easier when they use the stones to apply pressure. You can use the stones to apply pressure in large "fleshy" areas of a body, plus the heat provides a wonderful thermal therapy benefit for your clients!

Considered VERY LITTLE Pressure on/for Hands
In our authentic Reiki classes, the client remains fully dressed and we use simple hand placements throughout their body to promote positive health and relaxation benefits. Reiki is a wonderful alternative to manual movement bodywork for both you and your client! Reiki can be used to protect yourself from negative energy and it is also a great skill to have when a client is contraindicated for regular massage.

Little to Moderate Pressure on Hands Because Forearms are Mainly Used
Our Ancient Temple Style Lomi Lomi Massage classes primarily use forearms to massage the body from toes to head and back.** Very little pressured is applied by hand when hands are used during this beautiful spiritual bodywork.

Considered VERY LITTLE Pressure on/for Hands
Lymphatic Drainage is used for sports sprains & strains, clients who are suffering from cancer treatments and obstructing tumors, post surgical conditions and so forth. Aside from lymphatic joint pumping, only the lightest pressure is used to "form lymph" plus increase healing and reduce swelling.

Considered Very Little Pressure on/for Hands
Working on Oncology clients regularly requires gentle pressure and/or modified bodywork (based upon what type of cancer or cancer treatments are used). Our oncology classes prepare you for many different scenarios for working with cancer patients and survivors.