24 CE FL LMT Renewal Live Webinar & Home Study Package: Master Therapist Tools & Microtreatments

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Please do NOT purchase this 24 CE Package unless you are ready to complete the free 12 CEs of home study “mandatory” within 1-week of purchase. For a short time only, this 24 CE FL LMT renewal package includes a 12 CE Hour Live Hands-on Webinar plus 12 free CEs of home study “mandatory” training, such as ethics, medical errors and trafficking prevention and more. The 12 CEs of “mandatory” home study are currently FREE with your 12 CE $150 live hands-on webinar, however, those free 12 CEs of mandatory home study must be completed within 1-week of purchase or else they will expire. We cannot provide extended access periods beyond 1-week for the free home study training included with this package for any reason.

This 24 CE FL LMT renewal package includes everything an active Florida licensed massage therapist needs to renew their license for the August 31, 2023 renewal. 12 CEs of this training package are specially approved by Florida Board of Massage and NCBTMB for live "regular" hands-on, relevant to massage technique CE credit with your live interactive webinar. This package also includes 12 CEs of home study training for other mandatory subjects. The 12 CEs of home study training are approved with NCBTMB for online home study CE credit.

If you are taking this training for CE credit, please check with your own board to ensure you will receive the credit you need PRIOR TO registering or paying for this class. 

You will receive an email link to start your 12 CEs of online home study courses within a couple minutes of your purchase/registration.  Please check your spam if you do not see this email in your inbox within 5 minutes of your order. Please be sure to check the email address that was used to place your order with us. Your remaining 12 CE hour live interactive webinar will be taught online at the time you select on this website page. We will send more emails and information to attend your live webinar after your purchase.

Please watch the tutorial at the beginning of your home study training. It will instruct how to download your home study student files and companion training materials, plus how to download and print your home study CE certificate. CE hours are usually reported to CE Broker within 1-week of course completion, and no longer than 1-month after you have completed your entire 24 CE training package. Thank you.

Your 24 CE Hour 2023 Florida Licensed Massage Therapist Renewal Package includes:

Our webinars are largely interactive with students where you can ask the instructor questions, in-real time, participate in polls and more.  We will email you greater instructions to attend your live webinar, please read these emailed instructions prior to the start of your webinar to get the very most out of it!  Please login to your live webinar 30 minutes prior to the start of training.  Any student who is not logged in at the start of their webinar, or anyone does not attend the entire online live webinar will not receive a certificate or CE credit.  We cannot provide a certificate or partial CE credit for partial live webinar attendance for any reason. Please click HERE to view our Webinar FAQs & Policies.  Thank you. 

Students MUST register on this website page to receive this $150 Florida 24 CE Massage License Renewal Package.  Please do not purchase classes from different website pages and then try to switch to this package.  Requests to separate or switch subjects/classes in this massively discounted package cannot be provided.

Our ability to provide extensive administrative support for these massively discounted packages is limited, and further compounded by labor shortages and the pandemic. Please make every effort to complete your home study training early and on-time, before it expires within 1-week of purchase. Please do not wait until the last few days of training to seek support. Please start your home study training immediately after purchase to ensure everything is working properly with your computer device, and so that you are able to complete your home study training without delay.

Please email us at info@CeInstitute.com if you have questions or require assistance. Please allow 24-48 business hours for a response to email. Please do not send multiple emails for the same question because this delays a timely response for all. During your live online webinar training, we will additionally provide a toll free number for tech support if needed; however, please note that tech support cannot help students attempting to take computer-based training on a cell phone or tablet, or if their computer device or internet is failing.


This live interactive 12 CE Hour Master Therapist Tools & Microtreatments webinar is offered is offered in the EASTERN TIME ZONE on the following dates:

  • Please select "1:00 pm May 22, 2023" above for the following 2-day class schedule: Monday & Tuesday, May 22 & 23, 2023 from 1 pm to 7:30 pm Eastern Time 


  • Please select "1:00 pm July 11, 2023" above for the following 2-day class schedule: Tuesday & Wednesday, July 11 & 12, 2023 from 1 pm to 7:30 pm Eastern Time 


  • Please select "10 am Aug 13, 2023" above for the following 2-day class schedule: Sunday & Monday, Aug 13 & 14, 2021 from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm 

A 30-minute meal break provided in the middle of most classes as well as a 10 minute break each class hour.


    Add some aaaaahhh to your massage.  This is a "tricks of the trade" class to advance your skills for an elite service above and beyond "the normal".  Make your service SPECIAL and LUCRATIVE by adding a master skill level to your trade!  This class can help you transform your massage therapy treatment room to a spa and more.

    This webinar is about adding microtreatments, upgrades and enhancements to your existing practice to make your day-to-day routine more diverse, interesting and financially prosperous.  Class Includes a wide variety of a little bit of everything to expand your practice and keep your interest. Mini lectures and plentiful instructor demonstrations are provided with multiple modalities including: 

    • Adding Aromatherapy (workbook quick start guide provided)
    • Adding Hot Stones Instructor Demonstration (workbook quick start guide provided)
    • Back, Hand & Foot Scrubs Add-ons (instructor demo with written protocol)
    • Steaming Full Body Scrub Instructor Demonstration
    • Cupping Massage Instructor Demonstration
    • Ayurvedic Foot Massage (instructor demo, hands-on practice with written protocol)
    • Shirodhara Instructor Demonstration
    • Hot Ginger Compresses (instructor demo with written protocol)
    • Homemade Ice Packs (brief video)
    • Ice Cup Treatment (hands-on practice with written protocol)
    • Hot Towel Service Instructor Demonstration
    • Mini Reflexology with Oncology (instructor demo, hands-on practice with written protocol)
    • Ayurvedic Bolus & Poultice Treatment Instructor Demo 
    • Sweet Session™ Training (for client's who are contraindicated for "regular massage").  Includes full body instructor demonstration and student practice-along time.
    • Lomi Lomi Facial Massage  (instructor demo, hands-on practice with written protocol)
    • Creating Holiday Service Specials
    • Brief Review of Adding Retail to your Establishment
    • Advanced Scalp Massage  (instructor demo and hands-on practice)
    • and more.....this class focuses on massage therapy "add-ons" to increase services and income

    Students are welcomed to watch the instructor demonstrations without practicing any of these modalities themselves.  However, if students want to practice alongside the instructor via webinar, then students are encouraged to register for this class at least 2 weeks in advanced if you wish for a supply list of what will be used if you do not already have supplies to practice.  We will email you a list of supplies that you can pick-up inexpensively, if you do not have the supplies to perform these microtreatments already - to play along! We will likely use more supplies than what will be on our list to provide extra demonstrations when time permits :)

    This class is regularly taught by Desiree Collazo and was created by CE Institute LLC Founder: Selena Belisle.

    About your Course Author:  Selena Belisle has practiced massage therapy for 30 years.  She started with sports massage in 1989 and sought formal “full body” massage therapy training in 1995 in a 1,000+ hour program at the Massage Institute of New England in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Selena completed her first Traditional Chinese Medicine Certification from the NE School of Acupuncture in the 1990s.   She went on to complete a 2nd TCM Certification which included cupping, tuina and Chinese healing methods in a month-long program from the Beijing Hospital in Beijing China in 2000. 

    Selena created, managed and owned an alternative health care practice in the 1990s that employed over 40 massage therapists, 4 chiropractors and 4 acupuncturists in Quincy & Braintree, Massachusetts, until she sold in 2005.  It was here where she became a master “blender”, concocting different aromatherapy massage mediums for various emotional  physical and medical conditions that served thousands.  She also spent 5-years training and managing a 2nd staff as a Newbury Street Spa Owner in Boston, MA from 2005 to 2010, where she used extensive essential oils to enhance spa treatments and became a master therapist in spa service using botanical spa skin care lines such as Pevonia and Aveda.

    Selena has been a Certified Holistic Aromatherapy for 25 years. She completed a 1-year Holistic Aromatherapy Certification from The New England Center for Aromatherapy in 1995.  She also took elective aromatherapy courses at the Massage Institute of New England in the 1990s.  She started with Hot Stone Massage during her tenure at the Massage Institute.  She went on to complete an additional Stone Massage Certification with European Stone Massage, LLC in 2002.  She further trained in Sabai Hot Stone Massage in 2008 and completed an intensive volcanic basalt and mineral geology study (including the Thurston and Hana lava tubes) in Big Island and Maui Hawaii in 2017.  Selena has also trained with other various instructors in both live and online classes as part of her 25-year practice with hot and cold stone massage. Please click HERE to view a more complete list of Selena’s accolades including her publications, training and experience.


    Please enjoy Massage Magazine's publications of how to offer and upsell clients with microtreatments, written by CE Institute LLC Founder/Instructor and published expert - Selena Belisle:



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