Webinar Policies & FAQs

  • You can review the information on this page, plus our GENERAL WEBINAR INFO website page, plus view our 15-minute free youtube quickstart video for the greatest amount of info about our online webinar  training: https://youtu.be/hLXzEVuwgmk.  Unforutnately a pass on this device compatibility test doesn't guarantee your device will work with all functions - but it's a great indicator when a device might fail with for all webinar functions.
  • You can check your computer device compatibility at this link here:  https://support.goto.com/webinar/system-check-attendee.  
  • The boards do not require students to practice hands-on skills class to receive CE credit or a certificate. The only requirement from the boards are for students to watch and attend the entire class regardless of participation to receive CE credit or a certificate. 
  • Hands-on training is scheduled in ALL live interactive webinars; which includes instructor demonstrations and student practice along time. Students can practice on a live model, yourself, mannequin pieces or other options DEPENDING NO THE CLASS (some classes will not have all options). For the best training experience, we encourage students to practice these hands-on skills while sharing their webcams for the instructor to watch and provide individual feedback for your hands-on practice. Live model practice times (if available - some classes will only have you practice on yourself or a mannequin piece) will be emailed to you one-week prior to class.  Please do not contact the school for live model practice information - this is only scheduled and provided to registered students one-week prior to their webinar. 
  • Use a computer/device with Windows 7 to Windows 10 - OR - macOS X Mavericks 10.9  - macOS Mojave 10.14. Use of cell phones or tablets is not recommended to attend our live interactive webinars. It is not recommended to use cell phones or things like as an old outdated inexpensive tablet to attend a twelve hour interactive online training. 
  • Computer device technical requirements for Ben Benjamin's webinars will be slightly different given Ben is solely using the Zoom platform to teach his webinars.  Almost any computer device can be used with the zoom platform where Ben's training will be approximately 95% hands-on demonstrations plus student hands-on practice on live models.
  • Have a stable internet connection. Broadband is recommended.  You may  test your internet speed by going to speedtest.net.  Connecting directly to your internet router using an ethernet cable is recommended, rather than a Wi-fi connection. 
  • Register and sign-in to the webinar under your own name/account for attendance records.  Students who do not sign-in under their own name/email address may not receive CE credit or a certificate due to the lack of verifiable attendance.
  • Students may not login with more than ibe device per student registration. One device per student is required to track attendance and provide individual student/instructor interaction.  Even if there are multiple students attending from one location, each student needs their own device. Multiple students attending with one device or registration will be dismissed from the webinar because we cannot track individual student attendance for couples or groups on one device.
  • Login to the webinar 30-minutes prior to its start to ensure IT and device compatibility so that the student can receive full CE credit and certification for their complete attendance.
  • If the webinar somehow terminates in the middle of instruction due to no fault of the student, please review the student materials during any broadcasting loss.  Please ensure that that your loss of instruction is not due to your own device by refreshing your screen and checking your internet connection.  Please also call the technical support phone # that was emailed to you one hour prior to the start of your training to eneusre everything is working on your end of the webinar.  
  • International students will be able to view and participate in the webinar with a stable internet connection on a compatible device, but the audio VoiP may not available for international users.  There is a U.S. phone # that students will need to call to hear audio during international attendance when the student is not within the United States, and all students can use the chatbox to communicate throughout class.  Many times the student's microphones or VoiP will not be enabled during class to keep class diruptions to a minimum.
  • Students should be available to answer questions, demonstrate work to type in the chat box as requested by the instructor during webinar class hours.
  • Follow school, webinar and instructor guidelines and directions to participate in the webinar.  Attempting to use incompatible devices or nonworking internet, etc. is not an acceptable excuse to miss parts or all of the webinar.
  • Review all emails pertinent to their webinar class.  The school will communicate with webinar students via email after a student's class registration/payment has been processed.  The school's emails will include important instructions and information about what a student should and must do to participate in their webinar.  This email information is supplement to the FAQs and policies documented here on this website page.
  • Recognize that online/computer webinar training is not the best practice to learn a new hands-on massage or bodywork modality (a live in-person class with an expert instructor is best practice).  While our online training platform and webinars are superior-in-class with expert instructors, students must seek and/or use bodywork rudimentary training that is offered in basic massage therapy or medical schools/training - in addition to learning/and or applying our webinar subjects. Our webinars do not replace legitimate medical, legal or business advice. Only a doctor can include the variables of an individual’s medical history, age, risk factors, gender, and other data to determine or provide medical advice.  This course does not contain every possible human or medical factor and should not be considered an all-inclusive publication of the subject.  CeInstitute.com LLC recommends users to seek professional, medical and/or legal advice as needed.
  • Remain professional during webinar attendance.  This includes staying "on-topic" with the subject that is being taught.  If a student choses to share their webcam/camera or microphone/voice with the rest of the class - the student must use professional language and present themselves in a physically professional manner.  A student's webcam or audio sharing capabilities may be terminated by the instructor if unprofessional conduct occurs. 
  • ALL of our live interactive webinars are held in ET/Eastern Time.
  • Live interactive webinars are taught in a group class format.  The instructor will spend their time teaching to all students.  Students who have extensive individual training needs should seek private training or individual one-on-one classes. 
  • Turn your webcam/camera and microphone OFF when you are not actively participating in the webinar.  Please do not share or show things that would be inappropriate in a public classroom.
  • Keep their live in-person model and themselves draped and/or clothed at at all times.  Excessive nudity or flashing is prohibited and will likely result in a student discharge from the webinar. Observe government guidelines when working with live in-person models.  This includes thoroughly sanitizing your hands and work area, wearing facial coverings and keeping a physical social distance whenever possible.
  • Complete the class survey/evaluation which is Board required to issue a student's CE hours and certificate.  The webinar class survey/evaluation will immediately show on your device as the last part of the webinar.
  • Notify CE Institute LLC via email if you have not received your CE Certificate within 1-week of the finish of your webinar.  CE certificates will be emailed to students within 1-week of webinar conclusion.  If at student requests a CE certificate after their first week of class, they will be charged an administrative fee for a newly processed CE certificate. 

CE Institute LLC is not responsible for internet technology failures either on the school or student's behalf.  CE Institute LLC is not responsible for any student purchases made to attend a webinar.  There is no CE credit or certificate provided for Welcome Webinar attendance or for early webinar logins.  CE Institute LLC may update or modify our webinar policies as needed at anytime.


Webinar students should:

  • Attend one of the Welcome Webinars (a schedule of Welcome Webinars can be found at the bottom of this page) to ensure a quality or complete webinar class experience.  The school emails Welcome Webinar invitations at various dates and times, after a student has completed their webinar class payment and registration with us.  These Welcome Webinars are brief (approximate 30-minute) test sessions to ensure a working compatible connection between the school's systems and the students'.  Waiting to develop IT or device compatibility during your scheduled training is not practical hence the Welcome Webinar test sessions. 
  • Login to their webinar account prior to the webinar start date to review, download and/or print the student class materials. Login webinar capabilities are usually provided to a student approximately 2-weeks prior to your scheduled webinar. Class materials will remain available for student viewing or download for the webinar, until the survey is launched at the very end of class. 
  • Use a Chrome Browser to view your webinar.  You can also download a "desktop application" of our training platform for the most optimal training interaction which will be made available when you login at the start of our webinar - please login 30-minutes prior to the start of your webinar for tasks such as this option.
  • Try to find a live in-person model to be available to work-on during most classes.  Your webinar emails from the school may detail greater information as to more specific times the model should be available for practice.  Some webinar classes will not require a live in-person model (such as cupping class) - please be sure to read ALL of our school emails about your specific webinar class needs or requirements.

In your Webinar Registration & Reminder Emails, you will be provided a blue website link to "test your connection".  This testing link will allow you to view your system and internet compatibility with our system.  You will be brought to a "sample" website screen that says you will be joining a webinar with Olivia.    Below this text you will find a copy of your webinar email where it says with a blue link:

2. Test your connection.  Please click on the words "Test your connection" to do just that!

Your student webinar class learning materials will be provided to you via a website link in your Webinar Registration & Reminder Emails.  You will need to click on the blue link that says: 1. Please review the materials. This is what a student webinar email/website link will look like at the bottom of the webinar instructions email:



Webinar Class Date Changes & Cancellations:  Students may cancel their webinar attendance at any time; however the following change and cancellation policies will apply:

  1. CE Institute LLC charges a $35 administrative fee if you cancel your webinar registration for a qualified refund. 
  2. 7-days notice is required to cancel a webinar attendance date or else the entire webinar class fee is nonrefundable.  We require a minimum of 1 week's notice because CE Institute LLC will make a determination if we have enough attendees to hold a webinar/class 1-week prior to your class date.  For this and many other reasons, we require at least a 1-week's notice to change or cancel your registered class date.  The $35 administrative fee will still apply if you cancel your webinar for a refund with a minimum of 7-days notice. 
  3. 24-hours notice is required PRIOR to the start of class to make a free 1-time change to another webinar date for the same class.  The new webinar class date must be completed within 6-months of your originally scheduled webinar class date for a free transfer.
  4. CE Institute LLC charges below-market prices for superior quality education - we would be unable to make such a public offering if we did not enforce our cancellation policies.


*All CE Institute LLC Webinar content, including audio and visual materials plus printed student materials are copyrighted to CE Institute LLC. The school uses extremely high-quality licensed imagery which does not allow redistribution, nor does the school seek authorization from participating students to redistribute their webinar interactive likeness, image and/or voice on the behalf of other students. Please do not attempt to record, copy or distribute any portion of a CE Institute LLC Webinar or class.  Any individual(s) found to do this or violate our trademark protection will be immediately discharged from the school without CE credit or a refund, and that individual(s) will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including criminal and business legal prosecution.  This prosecution will include all applicable law enforcement, school and business partner pursuit for violation of CE Institute LLC and/or business partner copyrights and licenses.


Many CE Providers today are offering webinars during times of COVID-19, and many of those webinars are prerecorded materials with little to no student activities and/or instructor interaction.  Please note that CE Institute LLC has worked very hard to provide a robust and interactive hands-on live educational experience with live instructors in real-time during all of our live interactive webinar sessions.  We are not simply going through the motions to try to sell CE credit for profit.  We are truly trying to train you in an online training webinar platform.  As such, we are not the best choice for a student who simply wants to turn on a computer and pay for CE credit; however, we are one of the absolute best options for a student who wants the best chance to learn more about a massage or bodywork modality via a live interactive webinar platform.  



Students will receive an invite to our welcome webinars AFTER they have registered for one of our live interactive webinars. These are FREE optional webinars that can help students learn how to view, operate and participate in our webinar program and are great for those who are new to online/webinar training:
Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 12:00 PM
Thursday, January 14, 2021, 9:00 AM
Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 6:00 PM
Monday, January 25, 2021, 7:00 PM
Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 12:00 PM
Monday, February 8, 2021, 6:00 PM
Friday, February 19, 2021, 9:00 AM
Monday, February 22, 2021, 7:00 PM