What is Abhyanga? By Ayurvedic Instructor Desiree Collazo

What is Abhyanga? By Ayurvedic Instructor Desiree Collazo

By Desiree Collazo, Ayurvedic Therapies Program Director at CE Institute LLC, Miami FL

Abhyanga is influenced by ayurvedic principles that include health and lifestyle evaluations (and hopeful improvements).  In Abhyanga, we apply oil to the skin followed by massage in specific directions.  This specialized application in specific direction improves blood circulation, facilitates removal of the toxins from the tissues, relieves physical and mental fatigue, betters the functioning of the musculo-skeletal system, clears stiffness and heaviness in the body and leads to a feeling of lightness. Abhyanga assists development of a healthy body plus it helps in improvement of body figure and recuperates the body tissues. 

An herbal oil is selected for each dosha in Abhyanga.  We teach how to select each oil, contraindications, how to perform Abhyanga and more in our Ayurvedic Massage Classes.  Please click HERE to learn more about about the available Ayurvedic Classes taught by Desi at CE Institute LLC, Miami FL.

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