VAS Score in Massage Therapy Practice

VAS Score in Massage Therapy Practice

by Selena Belisle, Founder/Instructor, CE Institute LLC

In evidence-informed and evidence-based practice, therapists are seeing more and more VAS score improvements with massage therapy application.

VAS stands for visual analog scale.  This visual analog scale (VAS) is used for an individual to rate their own pain with numbers ranging between one through ten. VAS was reportedly first used in 1921 by Hayes and Patterson.

While VAS is an easy and commonly used assessment to determine an individual's pain, there is conflicting evidence and debate about the accuracy or validity of the method.

Beyond the debate, massage therapists can use VAS to assess their client's pain both pre and post massage.  Recording any changes in the client's pain from each session will help massage therapists determine which massage therapy methods might provide the most pain relief for a client.

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