Hot to Make a Warm Java Scrub for Clients with SOME Skin Sensitivities

Hot to Make a Warm Java Scrub for Clients with SOME Skin Sensitivities

Some clients will want a scrub or day at the spa, but have sensitive skin.  Using coffee grounds is an excellent method to provide a scrub to a sensitive skin client. However, if their skin is overly sensitive - then no scrub may be appropriate including this one.  This would be an individual client test that would need to be administered prior to body scrubbing. And as always, never scrub skin that is overly dehydrated, or broken, as well as all other contraindications.

The coffee grounds will become softer and softer over time, especially when kept in a hot towel cabi, so the scrub should not be made more than a few minutes prior to the appointment so that there is SOME texture to the scrub.

There are other names you could call a Warm Java Scrub including: 

  1. Brewed Awakenings
  2. Java Express
  3. Coffee Sunrise
  4. Cafe Cleanse

Different licenses have different scopes of practice, usually depending on the state you are licensed and practicing in.  Always check with your licensed scope of practice prior to administering a new service to a client.

To make a warm java scrub, simply mix coconut butter with unused/new coffee grounds.  Mix to the consistency where the concoction has a slightly scrubby/abrasive texture.  

Warm java scrubs should only be provided with a wet room or shower given the coffee grounds are not water soluble. Body massage with coconut butter can be administered after the scrub, and the scrub is washed off the client.

Be sure to seek professional training in aromatherapy plus spa wrap applications and contraindications prior to administering any type of service to a client..


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