The 101s of Spa Wraps & Spa Scrub Precautions and Contraindications

The 101s of Spa Wraps & Spa Scrub Precautions and Contraindications

Individual clients will have their own sensitivities beyond this information. Adding essential oils and individual ingredients of each wrap and scrub will have their own peculiar contraindications and precautions as well.

Above and beyond regular and obvious precautions and contraindications, here's a small list of other medical issues that would be of concern or contraindicated for a body wrap or scrub:

  1. pregnancy
  2. high blood pressure (specifically with wraps or steamed scrubs)
  3. menopause (for wraps)
  4. open wounds/broken skin
  5. telangiectasia
  6. sunburn
  7. diabetics (specifically neuropathies)
  8. areas of lost sensitivity or nerve damage
  9. geriatrics (specifically with thinner skin considerations)
  10. fever, infection, inflammations, swelling, etc.
  11. non-heat tolerant (for wraps or steamed scrubs)
  12. sensitive skin
  13. immediately after waxing or shaving
  14. extremely dehydrated skin (specifically with scrubs)
  15. allergies to ingredients (check all ingredients with clients)
  16. clients who will be exposed to sun the same day of treatment for phototoxic essential oils

There are greater precautions and contraindications for body scrubs and body wraps beyond this short list. Many will depend on the ingredients being used and the individual client.

Be sure to seek professional training in aromatherapy plus paraffin use  body scrub, wrap and massage applications and contraindications prior to administering any type of service to a client.

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