How to Create A Safari Spa Experience

How to Create A Safari Spa Experience

Different licenses have different scopes of practice, usually depending on the state you are licensed and practicing in.  Always check with your licensed scope of practice prior to administering a new service to a client.

The Safari Spa  service can have 2 to 4 separate steps.  Possible steps include:

  1. a soak or shower
  2. scrub
  3. wrap
  4. massage

Ingredients can vary based on the client, their individual needs and how many steps utilized in the safari spa appointment.  Here are some suggestions of what to use for ingredients to create a Safari Spa Experience:

  • Ginger essential oil
  • Any other essential oils you may find on safari
  • Raw honey or spa grade powdered honey
  • Unscented moor mud
  • Shea butter
  • Coconut butter
  • Fine grit sand (spa grade)

The Safari Spa services would start with a scrub, which needs to be performed in a wet room or with a shower because the sand is non-water soluble. Do not perform more than one scrub per day and be sure to rinse your water drain with plenty of water to wash the sand away. Do not use sand as abrasive material in the scrub if there are already problems with your plumbing drainage.

Mix shea and/or coconut butter with a sparingly amount of sand, then apply directly by hand from the bowl for your exotic scrub. It is recommended to heat this body scrub concoction prior to applying on the body for comfort and warmth. The scrub will need to be washed away from the client either on a hydrotherapy table or in a shower or tub.

When performing the safari sand scrub, the 2nd step would be the hydrotherapy process to remove it.

To create an exotic safari body wrap. Mix moor mud, honey and a sparingly amount of ginger essential oil in a rubber mixing bowl and apply the wrap by hand or with a spa brush. The wrap can be removed with hot towels (be sure to be thorough), or a showers/bath/hydrotherapy table.

Last would be the safari massage, which would include shea butter and essential oil of your choice that would reflect a safari experience. This could include eucalyptus, ylang ylang and more.

Raw unprocessed shea butter is extremely rich, and could possibly stain clothing - so it would be recommended to tell the client to wear dark sweat type material given this fact. It feel incredibly smooth on the skin, but you wouldn't want to wear a white linen dress after having raw unprocessed shea butter applied to your skin.

Be sure to train in aromatherapy plus body scrub, wrap and massage applications and contraindications prior to administering any type of service to a client.

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