Best Environmental Business Practices for Spa, Salon and Cosmetology Establishments

Best Environmental Business Practices for Spa, Salon and Cosmetology Establishments

The EPA has created a “Best Practices” List for Salon Owners and Managers.  These include:

  • Post “No Smoking”, “No Eating”, and “No Drinking” signs in shop’s work area.
  • Post a sign near the shop’s sink to remind workers to wash their hands before and after each customer, after handling chemicals, and before eating.
  • Require all customers to wash their hands before receiving service.
  • Perform services only on healthy nails and intact skin.
  • Post step-by-step procedures near the shop’s sink and in the shop’s work area on how to clean and disinfect nail instruments and other equipment that comes in contact with clients’ skin.
  • Properly ventilate each work station. Preferably, install an effective exhaust system with individual exhaust vents for each work table. If possible, the exhaust should be vented outdoors in a manner that meets local building code requirements.
  • Keep the general ventilation system (HVAC) on during work hours.
  • Place a metal trash can with a self-closing lid at every work station.
  • Label all product containers clearly and properly.
  • Purchase appropriate masks and gloves recommended in the SDS for staff.
  • Do not buy or use any nail product containing liquid methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer.
  • Designate a chemical storage area far away from the dining area and equipped with local exhaust ventilation.
  • Provide an adequately ventilated dining area for nail salon workers, partitioned from the shop’s work area.
  • Designate a storage place for a binder of SDSs for all nail salon products.
  • Ask for the most up-to-date SDS for each product at least once a year.
  • Inform employees where SDSs are kept.
  • Provide training required for reading and understanding SDSs.
  • Provide worker training on hazard communication and proper storage and handling of flammable liquids as required by OSHA.
  • Maintain the latest copy of the state cosmetology board’s rules and regulations.

When working in a cosmetology establishment, be sure to protect yourself and others.  To learn more, please register for training with us at:

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