Alternative Job Opportunities During COVID-19

Alternative Job Opportunities During COVID-19

Many bodyworkers, massage therapists, spa and salon workers are not working right now because they cannot socially distance themselves during this pandemic aka COVID-19.  This work disruption has been economically devastating for most.  Today, I found a sweet article that told about how a wife took a job as a dishwasher in an assisted living facility right here in Jacksonville Florida, so she could still see her husband, after being separated from him for 114 days due to COVID-19.  It is fact that many of us have been separated from loved ones during this pandemic - so this could one creative example of seeing your loved one, while continuing to be of service and earning a little extra income too.

Now, I'm sure some of my colleagues will think that they didn't go to school and spend years or decades, perfecting their craft to do dishes.  But some of us do have to seek new opportunities right now, and I feel this is a perfect example of clever ingenuity.  There are many different and "new normals" to be had.  Please feel free to share your ideas here on this BLOG post, or on social media so that we can all help each other during this extraordinary time of COVID-19.  If you're being deprived of visiting a loved one in a restricted medical facility and need income, seeking alternative employment within their facility might help you and many, in more ways than one.   

Click HERE to see this story on Fox News:

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