Tips on How to Select a Hot Stone Massage Heater or Hot Stone Bath Unit

Tips on How to Select a Hot Stone Massage Heater or Hot Stone Bath Unit

A massage stone heater is also known as a stone bath unit. Hot stone massage therapists are known to use turkey roasters, crock pots, kitchen griddles, hot towel cabins, kettles, heating pads and other types of heating devices, in addition to professional stone massage bath units, to heat their stones. For best practices during hot stone massage, all stones must be fully immersed in water within a heating unit prior to use. This is known as the "bath". Most stone bath units that have a built-in temperature gauge within a hot stone bath operating range are preferred. 

Heating sources such as a hot towel cabi or kitchen griddle that do not include a total water immersion can create uneven stone surface temperatures. Unevenly heated stones are not reliable or safe to use, especially when working near maximum operating temperatures for hot stone massage.

Stone bath units must also have an adjustable temperature control. Practitioners must continually adjust the bath temperature as needed, especially if cooler stones are returned to the bath, to maintain a proper operating temperature.

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In this short instructional video, we'll explain what should be used for heating massage stones, and more importantly, what should not be used:

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