The Difference Between Evidence-Based and Evidence-Informed Massage Practices

The Difference Between Evidence-Based and Evidence-Informed Massage Practices

by Selena Belisle, Founder/Instructor, CE Institute LLC


Evidence Informed Massage Practices

LMTs can share research and evidence to support the validity of massage work on websites or with clients, such as Swedish massage can be used to treat headaches.  That in-part is of an evidence-informed practice when you have that research.


Evidence-Based Massage Practices

Using the actual hands-on massage protocol itself, from the research for any type of beneficial outcome, creates an evidence-based massage practice. 


Massage-related Research which includes Machine, Equipment or Product Use

Some massage-related studies use machines, equipment and products because their manufacturers usually have larger budgets to produce research, to demonstrate efficacy for sales.


Practicing massage with manufactured items would require additional information and/or training for manufactured item use and more considerations beyond anything discussed in this article.



Other Variables

There are other variables and considerations that can be applied to define evidence-based and evidence-informed practices.  These two explained above are simplified examples for evidenced massage therapy practices.



Practicing Evidence-Informed and Evidence-Based Massage
Sometimes a massage instructor will collect published research study data and provide the information in a neat, consolidated presentation.  And there are plentiful industry trade articles available free of charge for LMTs to learn more about research terms and language, on their own.


In Summary

We hope this brief summary helps clarify the difference between evidence-based and evidence-informed massage.  You can this and more by registering for training with us at:




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