The 5 Great Elements as Taught in Ayurveda - by Desiree Collazo

The 5 Great Elements as Taught in Ayurveda - by Desiree Collazo

By Desiree Collazo, Ayurvedic Therapies Program Director at CE Institute LLC, Miami FL

Panchamahabhuta is a Sanskrit term that refers to the concept of the five structural elements or five great elements.  Pancha = five and Mahabhuta = great structural elements of the universe.  The five elements in ayurveda are as follows:

  1. Akasha = Space/Ether: Spaces in body (mouth, nostrils, thorax, abdomen, cells)
  2. Vayu = Air: Element of movement including muscular movement (contraction of lungs, intestines, movement in cells)
  3. Agni = Fire: Enzyme functioning, controls digestive system & regulates metabolism
  4. Jala = Water: Found in plasma, blood saliva (digestive juices, mucous membranes, cytoplasm)
  5. Prthvi = Earth: Solid structures such as bones, muscles, skin, hair, nails, tendons, cartilage, teeth

      These five elements form the structural entity of the body. The Indriyas are: the mind, the five sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue) and the five motor organs (vocal cords, hands, feet, genital organs and anus).

      We go into greater depth of the 5 elements and much more in our Ayurvedic Bodywork Classes.  Click HERE to learn more about about the available Ayurvedic Classes taught by Desi at CE Institute LLC, Miami FL.

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