Safety Data Sheet in a Cosmetology, Spa or Massage Establishment

Safety Data Sheet in a Cosmetology, Spa or Massage Establishment

Learning about and using Safety Data Sheets (SDS) will help with workplace environment situations.  An SDS is an important document that explains the risks, precautions, and response actions related to exposure to a particular hazardous material used as an ingredient in a product. An SDS also explains the appropriate and best course of action should accidental over-exposure occur.

Federal law requires that SDSs must be kept in a work environment and be available to employees during working hours. SDS should be properly maintained to ensure that all employees:

  • Are aware of the dangers posed from potentially hazardous materials stored in the establishment.
  • Know how to respond in an emergency or if overexposure occurs.
  • Know how to dispose of unused products properly.
  • Know what protective equipment (e.g., masks, gloves) should be worn when working with professional products.

Owners, managers and workers should review and understand the content of an SDS and know where they are kept in the establishment for both products and cleaners.

When working in a cosmetology establishment, be sure to protect your own skin and airway with proper PPE.  To learn more, please register for training with us at:

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    I need copies of meds sheets in cosmetology

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