Resisting Takes a Lot of Energy that Could be Used for Learning - A Lesson for Massage Therapists

Resisting Takes a Lot of Energy that Could be Used for Learning - A Lesson for Massage Therapists
by Sandy Fritz
A person was asked why they folded their linens a certain way. The response was --That is the way I was taught but they didn't know why. When asking their parent why they taught them to fold the linens a certain way they were told that that is the way they were taught by their parents. When the person asked the grandparents why they fold the linens a certain way the answer was--That is the only way I could fit them in the linen closet.

There is a lesson here for sure. The reason why may be outdated but legacy persists.

Just because something has been done in a certain way for years does not mean it is the best way anymore. While it is important to respect some aspects of legacy, being bound to the past also creates limits. It is a different world requiring new ways of functioning. Technology is a game changer and will continue to influence our future. I love hugging my grandkids. Nothing can replace this connection BUT I can also interact with them easily and frequently using technology --face to face.

My oldest grandson can carry the tablet around as he plays setting grandma up so we can see each other and chat. I had to learn how to do this but for him at 4 years old it is part of his world. Change requires a learning curve and often the older we get the more challenging it is to learn new and often improved ways of being.

Resisting takes a lot of energy that could be used for learning.
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