Examples of How to Work a Low Back in Chair Massage - Instructor Demonstration

Examples of How to Work a Low Back in Chair Massage - Instructor Demonstration

Onsite chair massage is known to boost employee morale, attendance and productivity as well as relieve pain and stress. It is the perfect wellness perk to offer in turbulent times, especially at work. Studies have found that employee attendance was greater during days when massage was offered at the office.  Onsite chair massage is also much less expensive than some of the other benefits that employers have been recently providing to keep their staff happy.

Some massage recipients may be seeking chair massage at work for low back pain, however, working the low back can be difficult sometimes when providing services in a corporate chair.

In this training video, we will demonstrate knee knocking, which works the clients hips, and is provided while the massage therapist is standing behind the client. Knee knocking is an efficient method to work on the lower back, while preserving a massage therapist's body mechanics to make the physical work - easier for the therapists.

Keep in mind that practitioners work at their own risk, and any training that we offer to practitioners does not guarantee perfection nor will it eliminate risk of injury to the practitioner or client.  Please attend and complete CE Institute LLC's regular chair massage training in any of our regular classes to help improve your practical outcomes by registering for any one of these chair massage classes: https://ceinstitute.com/collections/chair-massage-event-work


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