Alternating Face Cradle Cushions for COVID-19

Alternating Face Cradle Cushions for COVID-19

Massage therapists, spa and bodyworkers have stepped up their sanitation habits in our new pandemic of COVID-19; however, there is one additional step that can be taken in addition to sanitizing a treatment table.

If you must work during COVID-19, it is best to work on clients in a prone position/face down to avoid direct airway-to-airway exchange.  And for best sanitation practices, it would be wise to sanitize the face cradle cushion then allow it to sit with a proper amount dwell time by using a 2nd cushion for your next client.  Swapping 2 cushions back and forth is a little extra effort and expense, but could additionally minimize COVID-19 exposure, especially when proper sanitation and safety measures are exercised. 

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