Aromatherapy & Sports Massage - Hot Towel Compress Instructor Demonstration

Aromatherapy & Sports Massage - Hot Towel Compress Instructor Demonstration

Most massage appointments can be improved with a hot towel service.

First, massage therapists should immerse a couple drops of essential oil with hot water in a bowl of clean sink to create an aromatherapy water bath.  For sports massage, consider adding a few drops of juniper and lavender essential oil for an aromatherapy immersion.  Add hand towels to the aromatherapy water bath and squeeze excess water from the towels. Insert the towels into a hot towel cabi to keep them hot.

If a client wants hot towel compress treatment or their back, apply the three to four towels to the client’s back before their back massage (and after if desired). Apply one towel at a time to the back and renew the heat with a fresh hot towel (removing the cold towel) repeatedly, as demonstrated in the training video. Repeatedly compress the wet hot towel into the client's soft tissue as shown in the training video. BE SURE TO AIR OUT the hot towel prior to applying to skin, to make sure the client is not burned with a towel that is too hot for them. Repeatedly check in with the client to ensure the temperature is comfortable with the hot towel, where-ever it is applied.

It's great practice to save at least one hot towel for the feet. Wipe off any massage oils or lotions while you’re on the feet so the floor will feel less slippery when the client dismounts the table.

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