LIVE-IN PERSON 6 CE Hour Lymphatic Facial

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Due to a lack of registrations and interest, this live in-person class will be cancelled. 

This live in-person 6 CE Hour Lymphatic Facial training is offered as a 1-day class in the EASTERN TIME ZONE on the following dates: 

  • Saturday, March 4, 2023, 1 pm - 7:30 pm Eastern Time Zone

    A 30-minute meal break provided in the middle of most classes as well as a 10 minute break each class hour.


    Our Live Interactive 6 CE Hour Lymphatic Facial class includes review of lymphatic:

    • Lymphatic Tissues
    • Vocabulary
    • Treatment Benefits
    • Contraindications
    • Client Intake Process
    • Execution
    • Post-Treatment Recommendations
    • Pre & Post Photos of Lymphatic Facial Treatments (real recipient comparisons)
    • Instructor Demonstration of Lymphatic Facial
    • Repeated Hands-on Practice of Lymphatic Facials 

    Students will review pre and post pics of lymphatic facials to see the different types of effectiveness a lymphatic facial can provide.  A very specific protocol of a lymphatic facial is provided (in writing) for students to follow-along and provide a Lymphatic Facial routine.  The goal at the end of this 6 hours of class is for students to be able to provide a Lymphatic Facial on their own in their own practice.

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    Here is CE Institute LLC Lymphatic Drainage Instructor Selena Belisle's latest Lymphatic Drainage article published in MASSAGE MAGAZINE!


    This lymphatic drainage class was written and is taught by CE Institute LLC Founder, Selena Belisle.  Selena initially studied Vodder-style Lymphatic Drainage in 1995 at the Massage Institute of New England in Cambridge, Massachusetts - – the same city where other schools such as MIT and Harvard University are located.


    Instructor Desiree Collazo also often teaches this lymphatic facial class.  Desi started teaching over 20 years ago at the Florida College of Natural Health in Florida.  She a dual licensed massage therapist and esthetician with a specific expertise in Ayurvedic lifestyle and care.  Please click HERE to view more info about Desiree Collazo


    As seen in the February 2021 Les Nouvelles Magazine, Lymphatic Drainage Instructor Selena Belisle discussing Lymphatic Drainage:

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