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Due to extremely low registration for in-person training, we have cancelled our remaining in-person classes.  Most of our students have instead requested that we prerecord self-paced training which can be taken in the comfort of your own home at your own convenience.  We will be continuing our live interactive webinar program, and most of our webinar subjects will be specially prerecorded for discounted self-paced homestudy training. We are sorry that we are unable to hold safe, in-person training at this time due to a lack of enrollment, and will resume in-person training likely after the threat of COVID-19 is over, and once the Florida Board of Massage requires live in-person CE training for license renewal.  All of our live hands-on webinars and prerecorded self-paced hands-on homestudy training is approved for "relevant to massage" hands-on CE credit (the credit normally reserved for in-person training) for the Florida Board of Massage for the August 31, 2023 massage therapist license renewal. 

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        This 4-day 24 CE hour MLD class is offered as live, hands-on, in-person at our school on the following dates:

        • CANCELLED: Please select "1 pm October 23, 2022" above for the following 4-day schedule:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Oct 23-26, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm
        • CANCELLED: Please select "1:00 pm January 22, 2023" above for the following 4-day class schedule: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, January 22, 23, 24 & 25, 2023, 1 pm - 8:00 pm Eastern Time Zone

        This class has been scheduled at times to avoid Miami rush hour traffic. All live in-person training during COVID will be provided with 10-minute breaks each hour of class.  A 1-hour meal break is provided in the middle of class, for students to leave campus to eat if they wish. No drinking, eating or removal of mask from the nose or mouth is allowed in our classrooms.


        This class combines both the 18 CE Hour Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage and the 6 CE Hour Lymphatic Facial Class.  This multi-day class is  scheduled for 18 hours when we work only on the body and 6 hours when we work only on the face with different MLD techniques for a total of 4-days and 24 CE Hours. Class Includes the following manual lymphatic drainage education:

        • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Hands-on Applications for :
          • Cosmetic & plastic surgeries (pre and post treatments)
          • Orthopedic surgeries (including joint replacements)
          • Athletic uses (including full muscle tears, sports strains and sprains)
          • Oncology Treatments & Lymphedema
          • Anti-aging purposes (primarily for face)
          • Burn victims
          • Overall body detoxification
        • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Science & Theory Includes:
          • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Definition, Goals, Benefits & Uses
          • Lymphatic Cells, Tissues & Organs Science Lesson
          • Lymphatic Systems Diseases, Disorders & Contraindications
          • Extensive medical imagery (including post-surgical photos) to explain and demonstrate theories and techniques
          • Scientific Research Demonstrating Efficacy of Lymphatic Drainage Applications
          • Treatment Plan Building of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Hands-on Application
          • Lymphatic Post Treatment Recommendations
          • Additional Lymphatic Information & Organizations
          • Multiple Instructor Demonstrations Class Times:
            • Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Extremities
            • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Full Body Routine
            • Manual Lymphatic Facial
          • Student Hands-On Practice:
            • Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Extremities 
            • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Full Body Routine 
            • Manual Lymphatic Facial 
          • Over 60 pages of student handouts including:
            • 3 Separate Student Manual Lymphatic Drainage Handouts/Workbooks: printed and provided in class at the start of class
            • 5 Separate Manual Lymphatic Drainage Bodywork Protocols:  printed and provided in class at the start of class

          At the end of this class, you will have learned a full body manual lymphatic drainage session, extremities treatments and a Manual Lymphatic Facial!

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          Here is CE Institute LLC Lymphatic Drainage Instructor Selena Belisle's latest Lymphatic Drainage article published in MASSAGE MAGAZINE!


          This lymphatic drainage class was written and is taught by CE Institute LLC Founder, Selena Belisle.  Selena initially studied Vodder-style Lymphatic Drainage in 1995 at the Massage Institute of New England in Cambridge, Massachusetts - – the same city where other schools such as MIT and Harvard University are located.

          Selena has attended and studied in numerous lymphatic online and live classes (including initial lymphatic re-mapping research and studies in 2003).  She found her studies of lymphatic drainage to be “frustrating”, given the amount of conflicting and misinformation amongst instructors.  As such, Selena spent hundreds of additional hours sorting through research and published studies to create this evidence-based course where the efficacy of our teachings are 100% backed by scientific data.  You can view a more complete list of Selena’s accolades including her publications, training and experience by clicking HERE.

          In addition to practicing lymphatic drainage for 25 years, Selena managed/owned an alternative health care practice for 10 years that serviced thousands, and employed over 40 massage therapists, 4 chiropractors and 4 acupuncturists in Quincy & Braintree, Massachusetts, until she sold in 2005.  Lymphatic Drainage was one of the many modalities offered in this large group practice.  The lymphatic drainage appointments that were practiced for over a decade at Selena's health clinic provided much relief for her clients, and was a wonderful healing alternative for customers who were contraindicated for regular massage. 

          Selena is a also a retired professional athlete with 3 WAF World Championships.  She has competed in places like the Athens Olympic Stadium and has worked on scores other athletes, including a player from every single team in the NFL (and accolade not many have accomplished). She also earned a 2017 Award from Dana Farber & the Jimmy Fund for: “in recognition of extraordinary support of research and patient care at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, leading to breakthroughs against cancer”. She has worked as a volunteer at the Miami Cancer Institute in the infusion wings, and has spent decades working to help cancer and lymphedema patients.

          Selena’s long history, experience, studies, practice and instruction of manual lymphatic drainage makes her one of the foremost leading instructors of the modality today.


          As seen in the February & May 2021 Issues of Les Nouvelles Magazine, Lymphatic Drainage Instructor Selena Belisle discussing Lymphatic Drainage:

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