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Please do not purchase nonrefundable airfare or hotels to attend in-person training due to pandemic volatility.  We have every intention of holding this live in-person class in the safest manner possible, while simultaneously broadcasting it as a live interactive webinar.  Any student who attends in-person class and exhibits unprofessional conduct or outward signs of illness (coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.) will be required to leave. Please email us if you are registered for in-person class but develop illness at the time of the training, so that we can reschedule you into another training format.  Thank you.  

This live in-person class will be held at the Wildwood Community Center, 6500 Powell Road Wildwood, FL 34785 - Phone: 352-461-0134. We need students to bring massage tables to this class.  Students who bring a usable table with face cradle, cushion and knee bolster will receive a $10 refund. Students must bring table sheets to cover the table to receive a Reiki session from another student during training. 

This 12 CE Hour Japanese REIKI I & II class is offered as live, hands-on, in-person, 2-day class on the following dates:

  • Please select "10:00 am April 19, 2023" above for the following 2-day schedule:  Wednesday & Thursday, April 19 & 20, 2023 from 10 am to 4:30 pm

All training will be provided with 10-minute breaks each hour of class plus a 30-minute meal break.  


    Reiki is a gentle healing technique that channels energy through therapeutic touch.  The client often remains clothed for the session.

    In this authentic Japanese Reiki course, we will "smudge" then review the following theory with instructor lecture and powerpoint presentation:

    • Definition of Rei Ki (as 2 words)
    • History of Usui, Hayashi, Takata and other sensei
    • Meditation
    • Explanation of attunement process
    • Energetical “conduit” process/no depletion
    • Healing Process
    • Chakras
    • Reiki ideals
    • How to use Reiki
    • When to use Reiki
    • Client intake process
    • Contraindications
    • How to prepare a treatment room for Reiki
    • Session enhancement techniques
    • Research and scientific studies of therapeutic effects
    • Self-treatment
    • Advanced Reiki discussions
    • Review of Reiki I & II Symbols

    After each theoretical lesson, we will have a Reiki Attunement (I & II) plus an instructor demonstration of all hand positions for a full body prone and supine Reiki session.  Student practice and receipt of Reiki Sessions will follow.  Students will be provided a practical hand-out so that they can perform full reiki sessions on their own after the completion of class.

    Japanese Reiki I & II  FL CE Broker Course #20-636563

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    CE Institute's Japanese Reiki Classes are taught by Instructor Selena Belisle & Instructor Desiree Collazo

    This authentic Japanese Reiki class was written and is regularly taught by CE Institute LLC Founder, Selena Belisle.  Selena became a Certified Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho style from Robert Traknis in Boston, Ma in 1996.  She recertified at The International Center for Reiki Training in Maui, Hawaii in Holy Fire Reiki in 2017.  She has completed additional various Reiki Certifications and attunements from other instructors around the world.  Selena is a member of several professional bodywork industry associations including the International Center for Reiki Training.

    Selena has been practicing multiple forms of bodywork for 30 years.  She started her bodywork career as a sports massage therapist in 1989 – she was part of Team USA and has won 3 WAF World Championships amongst other various minor athletic titles.  She also founded and managed an alternative health care practice that served tens of thousands with over 40 massage therapists, 4 acupuncturists and 4 chiropractors in Braintree & Quincy, Massachusetts from 1996 to 2005 (which she successfully sold).  She then spent another 5-years training and managing a 2nd staff as a Newbury Street Spa Owner in Boston, MA from 2005-2010.  You can view a more extensive list of Selena’s publications, training and experience by clicking HERE.  In 2011, Selena moved to Miami FL and created CE Institute which is singularly focused on teaching various forms of alternative health and bodywork.  Selena is very involved in the day-to-day school operations and personally instructs many of the classes as well.

    Throughout the years, many physical bodywork therapies were Selena's main focus.  She found plentiful hands-on manual and massage therapy applications that can provide incredible pain relief and benefits that surgery and pharmaceuticals cannot.  However, it has always been an interest of Selena's of how and why different clients respond differently to treatments - and this regularly brought her back to similar conclusions that it was possible that there are "energy matches" between practitioner and client (and sometimes there are not matches which will create less than therapeutic results).  With 30 years of bodywork experience, Selena's interest in energy medicine has grown, and today, she is initiating studies and education about the profound effects of our individual energies and what we should look forward to in our future.  Selena believes in the next 50-100+ years, we will discover different energy "types" amongst our people, just like we have blood types.  Although she also feels through her professional experience that these energy types will be much more extensive than our traditionally categorized "blood types" - but we do not have developed testing for our energy types like we have in today's blood types, hormone tests, bone density, etc.

    Selena’s vast teaching background in evidence-based bodywork modalities provided her a wonderful amount of experience to create an authentic Reiki training, attunement and certification course.  This includes a wonderful visual Japanese Reiki powerpoint presentation with useful printed student handouts.  Many Reiki instructors teach Reiki by word-of-mouth from what their instructor told them (as this was the classical method of instruction dating back to Usui himself).  But, because Selena formally trained in multiple styles of Reiki from various instructors, and with her experience in teaching other bodywork modalities, she was able to create a comprehensive Reiki CE class that gets to the very root of this classic Japanese healing method, with rare purposeful facts, teaching tools and information.  Join us at CE Institute LLC for a superb learning experience in this wonderful healing art modality.



    Instructor Desiree Collazo, LMT, was attuned into Reiki Mastery on April 8, 2001, by Jose Marquez, who was attuned by Serge L. Delinois, who in turn as attuned by Laurie Grant, who in turn was attuned by James Davies, who in turn was attuned by Dr. Arthur Robertson.  Dr. Robertson was initiated into Reiki by Master-teacher Virginia Samdahl.  Ms Samdahl was the first occidental Reiki Master attuned by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. After becoming a Reiki Master, Dr. Robertson studied for about ten years with Reiki Master-teacher, Iris Ishikuro, who also was initiated by Mrs. Takata.  In 1938, Mrs. Takata received her Master attunement from Chujiro Hayashi.  Mr. Hayashi in turn received his Reiki Mastership from Dr. Mikao Usui in 1925.

    Desiree’s interest in Reiki emerged when she met a Holistic Chiropractor and received a combination of physical manipulation and energy work in 1998.  She experienced immediate relief from a chronic neck issue and enrolled in the Therapeutic Massage Program at Florida College of Natural Health that same year.  She also received her First Level Attunement on August 6, 2000 and was asked to practice and teach with her mentor/instructor Jose Marquez at his Acupuncture clinic.

    Desiree worked as a Reiki practitioner and instructor for the Downtown Oriental Group from September 2001 until October 2003.  She has been teaching Reiki CEU courses for Florida Board of Massage since 2003 and has also written a Reiki Facial protocol for Licensed Estheticians. 

    Desiree studied and received her Master degree in Karuna System of Reiki on February 18, 2002 and Tibetan Master degree in the Reiki Method of Natural Healing on March 24, 2002.  She has also been initiated as a Practitioner of Magnified Healing, Third Phase, Light Healing and is also a certified Master Teacher in Magnified Healing of the God Most High of the Universe, which she received in May 17, 2009.


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