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Due to a lack of registrations and interest, this live in-person class will be cancelled. 


12 CE Hour Orthopedic Cupping is offered in the EASTERN TIME ZONE on the following dates:

Orthopedic cupping massage is one of bodywork’s latest and greatest techniques where east meets west and turned into best! Included in class are over 25 cupping skills application and soft tissue manipulation instructor demonstrations.  Almost half of the skills demonstrations allow students to practice along on themselves with the instructor demos to learn over a dozen different cupping techniques that can be used with any style of cup, and doubly so when a practitioner uses bilateral cups with both hands.

Cupping has highly evolved since the 2016 Rio Olympics. Traditional meridian cupping was set aside, and orthopedic cupping massage emerged as a new distinct form of massage and bodywork.

Orthopedic cupping massage stretches and releases soft tissue restrictions which can create a human domino effect of better tissue metabolism that can lead to better athletic performance and other health related benefits. While stationary cups applied along meridians are still practiced today with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), orthopedic cupping massage provides a new bodywork approach.

This class shows how to apply cupping skills and techniques over traditional orthopedic injuries such as tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, surgical knee repairs, etc., and how to practice a full body cupping massage with oil.  We will spend time learning about myofascial restrictions, soft tissue adhesions, muscle tension, and how we might relieve these orthopedic medical conditions with cupping applications and techniques. The concept of our Orthopedic Cupping class is to apply this ancient eastern medicine to western musculoskeletal issues and bodywork.  This 12-hour class also includes:

  • cupping history
  • theory
  • contraindications
  • endangerment sites
  • equipment types 
  • equipment care
  • general cupping rules
  • cupping methods
  • over a dozen different types of cupping techniques for various athletic, orthopedic and spot treatments
  • a full body myofascial decompression treatment
  • a brief vacuum therapies lecture
  • multiple instructor demonstrations and with student hands-on follow-along practice time

Students must be able to see and constantly visually inspect the skin and human tissue that is being worked on to learn or practice this modality. Students who are not contraindicated for cupping bodywork will learn and be able to practice cupping techniques for:

  • Tennis elbow: aka lateral epicondylitis
  • Scoliosis
  • Shin splints
  • Cupping on oneself on chest, shoulders, quadriceps and tibialis anterior

We will also show you several different types of cups that can be used with orthopedic bodywork that are available on the market today, and review which cups might be the best type for your use and practice.  We do not sell cups, however once you have registered for class, we will send you an email of different cups of sets and sellers where you can purchase your own set of cups for about $25 or less.  This class will teach you the pros and cons of the different cupping materials and mediums available for orthopedic bodywork and general cupping purposes.

This class does not use any electrical machines to perform cupping.  This is a modern up-to-date class with real hands-on cupping applications that uses individual cups to promote circulation, pain relief, increased range of motion, athletic performance, etc.  Orthopedic cupping massage primarily uses plastic and silicone cups which are within most massage therapy scopes of practice because the client’s soft tissue is constantly being massaged with a tool in movement which is the cup. Stationary TCM cupping application with fire and glass cups along meridians are regularly considered
beyond a massage therapist’s scope of practice and are not considered to be within a standard orthopedic cupping massage application.

This cupping class is for students who are new to cupping.  This class would not be appropriate for therapists who are already practicing or are proficient in Tuina, TCM or Cupping.  The entire orthopedic cupping class solely addresses orthopedic/western musculoskeletal issues - Chinese Meridians are not addressed or covered in this class.

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About your Instructor:

Selena Belisle has practiced massage therapy for 30 years.  She started with sports massage in 1989 and sought formal “full body” massage therapy training in 1995 in a 1,000+ hour program at the Massage Institute of New England in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Selena completed her first Traditional Chinese Medicine Certification from the NE School of Acupuncture in the 1990s.   She went on to complete a 2nd TCM Certification which included cupping, tuina and Chinese healing methods in a month-long program from the Beijing Hospital in Beijing China in 2000.  She has also travelled to Xi’an China to view the terracotta warriors, the outskirts of Beijing to walk “The Great Wall”,  as well as Shanghai China to view the Huangpu River aka “the Bund”.  Her touring of China was most importantly used to spend time amongst the Chinese people and learn more about their history, practices and culture.  She has visited many authentic Chinese temples, burial grounds, places of healing and sacred sites as part of her Chinese studies.  You can view a more complete list of Selena’s professional accolades, experience and training by clicking HERE. Selena also founded and managed one of New England’s largest alternative health care clinics in the 1990s, which included 4 acupuncturists and 4 chiropractors and over 40 massage therapists from 1996, until she sold in 2005.  It was here where she helped thousands of others with TCM care including extensive cupping massage techniques and other forms of orthopedic bodywork.

CE Institute LLC prides itself in providing the very best of instructors and educational experiences for our students.  Sign-up today and prepare yourself for an incredible 5-star learning experience. 


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