12 CE Hour Fully Clothed Chair & Advanced Foot Massage

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A 60-minute meal break provided in the middle of class as well as a 10 minute break each class hour.


    In this dual subject class, students will learn both onsite corporate chair massage practices and routines as well as advanced medical foot massage in both the prone and supine positions.  Some foot massage sequences can be performed in a relaxing chair, and some can only be performed on the table. The class is evenly split in time spent with chair massage and advanced medical foot massage applications. All massage will be performed on fully clothed clients.


    During Foot Massage Training, we will Review of the Following Medical Information:

    • Foot Massage Contraindications
    • Foot Anatomy & Pathology
    • Extensive Review of Plantar Fasciitis
    • Foot Statics & Facts
    • Shin Splint Review
    • Extensive Instructor Demonstrations of Advanced Foot Massage and Techniques in both prone and supine position
    • Student follow-along practice on themselves or a live model with instructor demonstrations

    Advanced Medical Foot Massage demonstrations/practice is provided in Prone & Supine Positions with the Following Advanced Foot Massage Techniques & Strokes:

    • Achilles & Plantar Fasciitis Work
    • Toe Crosses
    • Circular Friction
    • Jostling & Waving
    • Tracing & Pinching
    • Stripping & Stretching
    • Pulling & Strumping and MUCH MORE!


    During chair massage training, extensive work preparation, guidelines and sanitary practices are provided to help students setup a successful operation for the many different practical scenarios that could be requested for a “Massage Event”. Several chair massage protocols will be provided in addition to hands-on demonstrations of multiple massage and bodywork techniques that can be provided in a chair.  

    Instructor Selena Belisle will also share her personal on-site massage work history which includes landing the cover of the Boston Business Journal for Corporate Chair Massage, coordinating and performing a 24-hour Chair Massage Event at a Hospital which was made available to 10,000 hospital employees, Onsite Sports Massage as it was performed in the Athens Greece Olympic Stadium, plus the execution of crisis and secondary responder event massage from her experience at Logan Airport for United Airlines Employees, Logan Airport Staff and Law Enforcement on 9/12, 9/13 & 9/14 after 9/11.  Scientific research about the efficacy of onsite massage will also be provided. 

    We recommend students bring their own massage chairs to class (if they have one).  We do have several chairs at the school; however, it is best to practice in your OWN chair if you have one.  There may be maneuvers and techniques that can (or cannot) be performed in your chair; therefore, it is best to train in and on your own.  For those who do not massage chairs, CE Institute LLC will provide you a massage chair for the hands-on practice, and we also provides all of the massage tables, lotions and oils necessary for class.  We will send you an email about what you need to bring to class once you register (you must bring 2 sheets, a face cradle cover and 2 hand towels).

    12 CE Fully Clothed Chair & Foot Massage CE Broker Course #20-910781

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    This live class will be held at: CE Institute LLC, 111 NE 1st Street, Miami FL 33132.

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