• 24/7 Live Webinar Phone Support:  Our professional training platform has IT experts that are available 24/7 by phone to support your online interaction with our webinars.  We have one of the ONLY webinar platforms to offers technical help via phone support - 99.9% of Zoom accounts and other webinar platforms do not offer this. Each online training program (Zoom, ours, any webinar program) will require a stable internet connection and general system requirements to view your online webinar.  We recommend our students to a have hardware/computer device system with Windows 7 to Windows 10 - OR - Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) - macOS Mojave 10.14. Please click HERE to view our Webinar FAQS and Policies page to review student webinar requirements. 
  • Easy Accessible Student Workbooks & Handouts:  Our written student protocols and workbooks are all stored in one convenient place within your online webinar account with us.  We provide a wonderful amount of student support materials to supplement your webinar. You can view, download or print your student materials before or during the webinar - easily - all in one place - within our webinar system where you will also be viewing your class.  Individual student webinar accounts are set up a few weeks before the start of each webinar class date.
  • We are Webinar CE Course BOARD COMPLIANT:  Did you know that CE Providers are required by most Boards to survey students to issue CE hours?  Our webinar training platform will immediately launch your survey at the end of class.  IF another instructor is board compliant but uses other webinar platforms such as Zoom, you will be directed to a 3rd party application to complete your survey, if you complete one at all.  Rest assured that CE Institute LLC is board compliant and has attained extra board approvals to issue live hands-on CE hour credit for our live interactive webinars with both NCBTMB & the Florida Board of Massage.
  • Live Question & Answer with Your Instructor:  You will be able to ask your instructor any questions you have about your class subject during your live interactive webinar.  You can raise your hand within our webinar platform, type in the chat box and when the classes are small enough, you will even be able to speak back-and-forth with your instructor in the webinar.  You have 2 options to listen and/or speak in the webinar - you can use the same computer speakers/microphone where you are watching your webinar - most computers, laptops, ipads, etc. will have speakers/microphone built into your device - it is called: VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol.  Or, you can call into the webinar with a cell phone or land line (you will still need some form of computer screen to stream your visual webinar).  Please keep in mind that all of the other students in the class will be able to see and hear your conversations with the instructor unless you send a private message to the instructor which is possible within our superior webinar platform program.    
  • Practice Along with Your Instructor:  We encourage students to have a live model available during our live interactive webinars - this is recommended for most of our webinars but not required for all.  During the hands-on portion of our live interactive webinar training, we provide an instructor demonstration for students to view, then we usually have the students practice some of the new instructor demonstrated techniques on themselves (when possible), then in most webinars, you will be provided the opportunity to practice these new hands-on skills on your live model while simultaneously watching the instructor demo again.  Your instructor will be able to view and provide some critique of your techniques on most devices; although, we do not recommend, critique or practice on pregnant women, medically complicated clients or have students provide cupping to a live model during our webinars - these are particularly difficult practices for an instructor to appropriately or responsibly critique a student's methods through a computer.  
  • Voluntary Quizzes & Tests: We can run online mini-tests within our webinar to ensure that students have understood our class materials.  We have one of the only webinar platforms in the market with this technology that is run within our webinar platform without sending you to a 3rd party application.  Our quizzes and tests are fun, interactive exercises that do not count towards your course certification or CE hours, but they do provide an excellent review of what you have already learned during your webinar.  The instructor will also provide the answers to the quizzes and tests during the webinar so that you will have the best information of all.  You are not required to take our webinar tests if they are offered during your webinar.  Your only requirement is to watch 100% of your webinar to receive your CE certificate.  Your CE certificate will be emailed to you within a few days after your webinar has ended. We will also report FL Licensed Massage Therapist CE credit to CE Broker for you within a couple days of the end of the webinar.
  • Polling, Break-out Sessions, View or Listen to Other Students (if you wish) and more!  We have EVERYTHING that Zoom offers and MUCH MORE!  Our live, interactive, hands-on, Board Approved Webinar CE Classes offer the BEST learning experiences of all online platforms!

Please click HERE to visit our Webinar Policies & FAQS website page for greater information about webinar attendance requirements:

Our webinar training platform costs about ten times more than Zoom, yet, our webinars CE class prices remain some of the least expensive of all!  ALL of our CE Classes and Webinars are provided by trained professional experts who have a minimum of 20 to 50 years of bodywork experience each.  Our two company mottos are: "Come Join the Fun" & "Quality Affordable Education".  Come join the fun with us and learn a new modality today!  Stay safe during times of COVID-19, and enjoy the BEST of the BEST through our new, state-of-the-art, live, hands-on, interactive webinar training programs! 

CE Institute LLC charges a $25 administrative fee to cancel your webinar class date with a minimum of 7-days cancellation notice before the start of the webinar.  No-shows, changes or cancellations made within 7-days of a webinar are not possible.  Students are allowed to make a free 1-time change to another webinar date for the same class when 7-days notice prior to the start of training is provided - the new webinar class date must be completed within 6-months of your originally scheduled webinar class date for a free transfer.  All CE Institute LLC Webinar content, including audio and visual materials plus printed student materials are copyrighted to CE Institute LLC.