Terms and conditions

General Terms & Conditions in Addition to Refund Policy

  • Each student must register under their own name and email address.  Please do not register for class with someone else's name or email.
  • CE certificates and reporting will be provided for the exact same name that is used to purchase the course registration.  Please register under the exact name of the student who is taking the course. Attempting to change the name, email or other registration details after the course purchase will result in a $25 admin fee to make these changes.
  • Please type and enter your name on the registration exactly as you wish it to be printed on your CE Certificate. Requesting any changes, etc. after registration will result in a $25 admin fee, if we are able to provide the change.
  • All training must be completed by the person completing the purchase and registration. Please email us at info@ceinstitute.com if you wish to purchase a course for someone else. We can email an invoice or the student's details such student's name and student's email address must be properly and accurately entered on the student's registration. 
  • Board CE credit is not an automatic with purchase.  Please check with your state board to see if they will accept our CE credit PRIOR to purchasing.  This is solely each individual's responsibility.  Credit is not issued for time that a student is tardy or absent from live training. Excessive absence can result in forfeiture of the entire training.
  • Only one free class is provide per student lifetime whether the student attends the training or not. This an introductory session to CE Institute LLC which is not repeatedly provided to the same student.
  • Disorderly, abusive or unacceptable personal conduct towards staff or other students will result in the offending student being discharged from the school.  The school will determine if the student will receive a refund or CE credit at the time of discharge.
  • CE Institute LLC can deny CE credit and/or a certificate for any reason it deems fit to do so, such as if the student has shown that they did not pay attention to learn any of the training, was disrespectful, or demonstrated other unwillingness to professionally attend and learn, etc.
  • All purchases are made subject to CE Institute LLC's School Policies. Please review the school policies by clicking HERE, and HERE if you are purchasing a webinar.  Please do not purchase our training unless you are able to agree and abide by all school policies.


  • Students are required to send an email to info@CeInstitute.com detailing their wish to cancel at least 7-days prior to the start of their live webinar.   Phone calls, text or anything else other than a written email detailing this written request to info@ceinstitute.com will not be accepted.
  • ALL live interactive webinars cancellations are charged a $25 admin/cancellation fee to process a cancellation and refund.
  • Due to the extreme discounts provided for these group trainings, no cancellations or refunds are available within 7-days prior to the start of the live interactive webinar. We are providing workbooks, manuals and written protocols with the training 7-days prior to the start of class.  We cannot provide these materials without full nonrefundable payment.

Online Self-study Course Purchases are NONREFUNDABLE.