Working with the Elderly & Geriatrics in Massage & Bodywork

Working with the Elderly & Geriatrics in Massage & Bodywork

Elderly clients usually require many special considerations including:

  • Communication issues/brain disease
  • Loss of sensation/nervous tissue atrophy
  • Drier skin including brittle fingernails and toenails
  • Frailty i.e. thinning skin, osteoporosis, etc.
  • Lost range of motion, muscular contractures, poor movement/coordination
  • Difficulty dressing/undressing, difficulty sitting/standing, getting on/off table 

One of the most important considerations for geriatric clients is to keep your work entrance and work area clear and clutter free.  According to American Family Physician Magazine[i], accidental falls account for 70% of deaths in persons 75+ years old.

It is advised for bodyworkers who service elderly and geriatric clients to seek out specific classes and training in geriatric care.  The care of geriatric clients could be an entire book on its own.  A solid investment in geriatric training could be a good investment to properly work with this vulnerable population. 

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[i] Fuller, George F. “Falls in the Elderly.” American Family Physician, 1 Apr. 2000,



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