A Short Explanation of Energy in Massage Therapy or Bodywork

A Short Explanation of Energy in Massage Therapy or Bodywork

by Selena Belisle, Founder, CE Institute LLC

Do you feel energy in your massage or bodywork?
Many massage therapists (LMTs) and bodyworkers who are in harmony with their sessions and clients might feel something that they cannot measure with scientific methods. I'm talking about those feelings that are happy and positive with one individual but may be scary or negative or some other reaction with another.  They are feelings that we sometimes cannot explain. These feelings are likely a result of the energy shared between the practitioner and the client.

Energy is not largely talked about because it's not wholly recognized by science. We feel it but we're taught to ignore it and simply focus on what we can physically feel or what we can see with our own eyes.

Humans are Energetical Beings
Emergency Room (ER) procedures will apply an energetical electric shock to the chest when the heart stops beating. ER staff use machines to emit energy but then, do not recognize the energy being emitted from humans. This should give us a pause and make us think. We often feel these human energies especially when someone is touching us, but most of us will regularly ignore these feelings, especially during medical distress.

How Science is Used to Measure Something Else we Cannot See
What we do acknowledge is that humans have different blood types and they do not all match. We cannot visually see the differences in blood types, but science has developed a test for it. An individual with type A blood cannot receive blood from an individual with type B. The body’s immune system of type A will attack the type B blood. What’s to say that our energies would not be dissimilar?

Have you ever been “rubbed the wrong way”? Who has ever felt worse after receiving bodywork than before starting? Or have you ever been in the presence of someone who made you feel awkward or ill without words or physical contact? All of this might be influenced by an individual’s energy, never mind two combined energies which can produce a whole new feeling.

Does the Practitioner and Client Match?
Acknowledging human energy could explain why some massage therapists instantly blend with some clients.  Unfortunately because we have different energies, sometimes we do not blend well and we can usually feel that too.  We usually soldier on with those feelings, but is it healthy to do so?  That's a multi-million dollar question that should be answered soon by researchers in science.

Unintentional Transfer of Energy During Massage Therapy and Bodywork
The tool used in massage and bodywork application should primarily be the practitioner’s hands. So, whatever energy the practitioner has will be extensively inputted to the recipient’s body. And whatever the client is energetically holding onto is likely "rubbed off" onto the practitioner as well.  There’s probably better efficacy for the massage or bodywork when the energy between client and practitioner are congruent.

A Brief Summary
In time, science will likely catch-up to those secret feelings that we're all taught from early on to ignore. Don't ignore them.  Those energetical feelings might be the most important part of your being, but until we have science behind us to validate them, we'll just do our best to direct them with positive intention and know that there is something there, even if science cannot prove it.

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