Opening Ritual for Full Body Hot Stone Massage: Sacral Placement Stone

Opening Ritual for Full Body Hot Stone Massage: Sacral Placement Stone

by Selena Belisle, Founder/Instructor, CE Institute LLC

Hot stone massage can be started in either prone or supine position.  At CE Institute LLC, we teach a general full body hot stone massage to be started in the prone position with a sacral stone.

A sacral placement stone is usually arranged on a client's sacrum through multiple barriers, as an opening ritual to a full body hot stone massage. After the sacral stone is placed, and any other placement stones desired, a massage therapist can then drape the client and apply oil to start their full body hot stone massage.

The stone used for sacral placement should be the largest of your set. The sacral stone is usually left on the body for the longest period of time. As such, the largest stone will usually retain the heat the longest and allow for long standing thermal therapy enjoyment.

As with any placement stone, a massage therapist should visually check the skin repeatedly after placement to ensure the stone is not too hot for the client, in addition to verbally asking the client if the temperature is comfortable for them.  The number one injury in bodywork practice today is from hot stone massage practice, and those injuries are usually a result from client burns.

Here is an instructor explanation and demonstration of sacral stone placement in hot stone massage:

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