Myofascial Release Bodywork Opening Technique: SKIN ROLLING

Myofascial Release Bodywork Opening Technique: SKIN ROLLING

by Selena Belisle, Founder/Instructor, CE Institute LLC

Myofascial release bodywork is usually started with skin rolling  Skin rolling is achieved by lifting dry skin and rolling it through an opposing thumb and fingers. In this video demonstration, we are skin rolling the back from superior around C7 of the spine to inferior, just above the client's ileums.

It is thought that myofascial release is like peeling an onion, where a practitioner would start by stretching the superficial fascia with techniques such as skin rolling, prior to applying deeper myofascial techniques with different applications such as palming or using an elbow to stretch the underlying fascia.

Here is an instructor demonstration video exhibiting skin rolling:

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