Dress up your Massage with Cucumbers! Hangover Massage Anyone?

Dress up your Massage with Cucumbers!  Hangover Massage Anyone?

In the state of Florida, a licensed massage therapist scope of practice includes "chemical preparations of the body".  As such, adding some sliced cucumber to a massage appointment should be acceptable for FL LMTs!  Just slice up some cucumbers and place these over the client's eyes in supine position during your massage (just make sure the cucumbers are not dripping wet to ensure that this moisture does not excessively drip into their eyes.)

MedicalNewsToday.com and other various websites purport many health benefits of placing cucumbers over eyes.  These include:

  • having a cooling effect on the skin
  • hydrating the eyes and surrounding tissues
  • reducing dark circles due to the high levels of vitamin K
  • reducing inflammation due to the presence of lignans
  • helping treat sunburn
  • brightening the skin due to its ability to inhibit tyrosinase, an enzyme that is involved in the production of melanin

Want to make them pretty?  In equal parts, skin the cucumber longways leaving enough skin in place to create long stripes on your cucumber and then slice.  This will create a pretty striped cucumber for enhanced visual presentation.

Want to get really creative?  How about creating a massage for hangovers?  Why not?  While treating hangovers is NOT within a massage therapists' scope of practice, that shouldn't stop creating a fun massage therapy service menu.  Just be sure to disclaim that you are not providing medical treatment for hangovers if you choose to advertise this option.

In a Hangover Massage you could:

  • Serve lots of water and liquids with your appointment
  • Keep the appointment short, such as a 30-minute service and allow the client to extend the service if they're feeling well enough to do so
  • Place cucumbers over the client's eyes in the supine position.
  • Consider using cool packs with the massage
  • Consider adding menthol the massage medium which could enhance skin blood flow response and increase circulation

Dressing up your massage with cucumbers can provide some fun alternatives in your practice.  Slice up your fun today!

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