How to Create a Hydrotherapy Pink Rose Soak

How to Create a Hydrotherapy Pink Rose Soak

This soak can either be provided as a spot treatment, such as for the feet - or as a full body immersion soak in a tub as well.

Ingredients can vary - here are some suggestions:

  • Himalayan Salt (detoxifies, revitalizes, rejuvenates and relievers tired aching muscles).
  • 5% Rose Absolute Essential Oil (Uplifting, comforting and soothing).
  • Honey Powder (natural humectant which will counterbalance the salt).
  • Pink Rose Petals (visually soothing with all the rose essential oil benefits, plus it is visually pleasing and soothing).

Be sure to train in hydrotherapy and aromatherapy applications and contraindications prior to administering any type of service to a client.

For full directions on how to create this treatment, or to learn more, please register for quality, affordable, professional training at:




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