Hair Arrector Pili Muscle - What is It?

Hair Arrector Pili Muscle - What is It?

By: Selena Belisle, Owner/Instructor CE Institute LLC, Miami FL

In the obtuse angle between the root of a hair and the surface of the skin, a bundle of smooth muscle fibers, known as an arrector pili muscle, is usually found.

The arrector pili muscle extends from the deep part of the hair follicle to the papillary layer of the dermis.

Contraction of the arrector pili muscle makes the hair “stand” erect. The arrectores pilorum are innervated by sympathetic fibers and contract in response to such stimuli as emotion or cold. This results in an unevenness of the skin’s surface called "goose pimples."[i]


This BLOG was written by Selena Belisle, the Founder of CE Institute LLC in Miami FL.  She is a retired professional athlete and has been practicing massage therapy for over 30 years.  Selena is an approved CE Provider with NCBTMB & the Florida Board of Massage.  She now teaches full time for the Complementary and Alternative Health Care Industries. You can learn more about Selena’s training and CE classes at

[i] “Chapter 4: The Skin, Hair and Nails.” Column Chromatography, Retrieved online: 25 May 2018,

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