Instructor Demonstration of Ergonomically Correct Scalp Massage

by Selena Belisle, Founder/Instructor, CE Institute LLC

Scalp massage can be provided in a variety of different methods and table positions. Normally, massage therapists perform scalp massage by sitting at the top of the table, and then work while facing the crown of the client's head.

In ergonomically correct scalp massage, we suggest therapists to work from the side of the table while having the client's face turned towards the practitioner with cervical rotation. 

It is best for the therapist to stand while at the side of the table, and this allows the practitioner to place one hand at the top of the head and their second hand behind the client's head to manipulate the scalp and underlying fascia.

Here's a instructor video demonstration of Ergonomically Correct Scalp Massage from the Side of the Table:


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