Client and Massage Industry Workplace Communications About HIV

Client and Massage Industry Workplace Communications About HIV

Practitioners should not ask a client their HIV status as part of routine service or care, nor should they discuss a client’s known HIV status amongst others.  This would be considered inappropriate and unprofessional to start such a conversation in a spa, salon or massage therapy establishment. 

A client may choose to discuss their HIV status with their provider, and if they choose to do so, you can find helpful communication tips from the CDC for those discussions at:

If a client does wish to discuss their HIV diagnosis, here are some  tips to know for conversation regarding HIV:

  • An HIV infected individual should not be referred to as having AIDS.
  • Language such as “catching” HIV should not be used – you do not “catch” HIV, it is transmitted.
  • HIV positive and AIDS individuals should never be referred to as victims, positives or carriers.
  • Individuals should not be called an AIDS patient or a HIV patient – these are individuals living with HIV.

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