The Many Uses and Health Benefits for Coconut Massage Oil, Lotion and Cream

The Many Uses and Health Benefits for Coconut Massage Oil, Lotion and Cream

by Selena Belisle, Founder/Instructor, CE Institute LLC

There are many claims that the properties of coconuts can help improve digestion and immunity against a host of infections.  The chemical constituents with coconuts may also help with various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections or disease.

Coconut massage mediums are usually rich and thick in texture, unless it has been fractionated which is a process where some of the lipids are removed from it's consistency.  Fractitionated oil should feel less greasy to a client, and will lessen the chance of clothes or sheets becomes rancid when in frequent contact which can lessen the chance of dryer fires when laundering these linens.  However, there will be less glide and possibly even more friction when applying bodywork or massage therapy with a fractitionated coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a great massage medium to make your own salt scrubs or sugar scrubs.  These scrubs can be applied to the back, hands, feet or full body.  It is recommend to warm coconut oil when making your own scrubs because the oil will change it's consistency from liquify to solidify at 78 degrees farenheit.  When it's 78 degrees or above it will liquify.  And anything below 78 degrees will allow the oil to solidfy.

Coconut oil and massage mediums can also be purchased in two distinct and separate products.  There is processed coconut products and unprocessed coconut products, which are also known as virgin coconut products.  Unprocessed or virgin coconut manufacturered products are created without the process of adding any heat during manufacturing.

While providing a massage medium such as coconut oil, lotion or cream can deliver many health benefits for your massage client, it could also feel uncomfortable, especially if the client does not shower after their massage therapy service.  Practitioners may want to wipe any excess coconut massage medium with a dry or wet towel from the client's skin prior to the client's table dismount or getting dressed, to prevent the client from staining their clothes.

Always remove all massage mediums including oil, creams, lotions or gels from a client's feet prior to allowing the client to stand.  This can help ensure that the client will not slip in their shoes or on the floor when their feet are less slippery.  Using a nice hot towel is a wonderful method to remove a massage medium, plus deliver the thermal therapy benefits from the heat itself to a client's feet.

When using cocount massage medium as an oil form, it is best to keep oils in “tinted” amber or cobalt glass bottles. This will help preserve the coconut oil product's shelf life when it is protected from light.

When using oils, they should always be stored in a cool dry dark place at room temperature, anywhere between 50 to 74 degrees fahrenheit to help prolong the massage medium's shelf life and slow the process of a coconut oil becoming rancid.  Coconut oil will be solidified at these storage temperatures.  Simply warm the oil to 78 degrees or greater if you wish to use coconut oil in a more liquified form.

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