Bug Problem at the Massage Therapy Office, Spa or Salon?

Bug Problem at the Massage Therapy Office, Spa or Salon?

By: Selena Belisle, Owner/Instructor CE Institute LLC, Miami FL

Infestation Control

I am writing this blog post from South Florida aka Hurricane Alley.  It is hot, humid and a perfect place for bugs!  Infestation is the presence of an unusually large number of insects, parasites, rodents, pests, etc. - in one place, typically so large that it could cause damage or disease.

While most of us would love to call a professional to eliminate this problem, sometimes our budget or wallet does not allow us to make this call.  As such, here may be some handy tips to help minimize an infestation at your massage therapy practice, spa or salon:

Some of the best ways to prevent against infestation is to eliminate food sources.  Empty trash regularly and use thick plastic or metal garbage cans (with tight lids).  Keep trash cans at least one foot off the floor. Seal any gaps or holes where pests could gain access in the workplace.  The CDC recommends[i] to seal gaps and holes with “steel wood” then caulk around the steel wood.  Just be sure that you do not block access to vital air supply, ventilation, water drainage or other important access areas for your practice. A licensed rodent control professional can help with this process.  If you apply your own sealant, consider areas such as:

  • Inside, under, and behind work stations, mirrors, cabinets and appliances
  • Inside closets near the floor corners
  • Around windows or doors
  • Around the pipes under sinks and washing machines
  • In laundry room floor drains
  • Around the pipes going to hot water heaters and furnaces
  • Around floor vents and dryer vents
  • Inside the attic or basement
  • Between the floor and wall juncture
  • Around holes for electrical and other utility lines

It is not recommended to work on or seal your own workspace without consulting a trained professional in this field.  Being clean and sealing up are some of the best ways to prevent an infestation. There are also numerous pesticides and chemical solutions which are now always human or pet friendly.  You can consult your local hardware store for more about pesticides or rodent issues. We hope this info helps you get you on your way to get rid of bugs!


Author Selena Belisle is the Founder of CE Institute LLC in Miami FL.  She is a retired professional athlete and has been practicing massage therapy for over 30 years.  Selena is an approved CE Provider with NCBTMB & the Florida Board of Massage.  She now teaches full time for the Complementary and Alternative Health Care Industries. You can learn more about Selena’s training and CE classes at www.CeInstitute.com

[i] “Rodents.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 29 July 2010, www.cdc.gov/rodents/prevent_infestations/seal_up.html.

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