A Brief 101 About Hives (aka Urticaria) for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers

A Brief 101 About Hives (aka Urticaria) for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers

Hives are red (and often itchy) bumps on the skin. An allergic reaction to a drug or food usually causes them. Allergic reactions cause the body to release chemicals that can make the skin swell up in hives. People who have other allergies are more likely to get hives than others. Other causes include infections and stress.  Hives are not contagious.  

Hives are very common. They will usually go away on their own, but in a serious case, medicine, a shot or medical treatment may be required. When hives last longer than six weeks, it is called chronic hives. Usually no cause can be found. Most chronic hives resolve on their own in less than one year.  In rare cases, hives can cause a dangerous swelling in of the airways, making it hard to breathe—which is considered a grave medical emergency.[i] 

It is important to use extreme caution when working on someone who has hives. 


The client is most likely experiencing an allergic reaction which could become life threatening.

Avoid massage or bodywork practice on any area that is affected by hives.

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