Local, Hybrid & Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Applications

Local, Hybrid & Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Applications

Providing MLD services to a client can be different, depending on the client's needs.  Are you attempting to performing a full detoxification, reduce unilateral extremity lymphedema or did the client show up for a full body massage with a severely swollen knee sprain?

Because there are so many different situations that can be treated with MLD, we recommend breaking MLD treatments down into 3 different categories:

  1. LOCAL MLD: Only work on the affected area of swelling. This appointment could be as short as 10-minutes or as long 30-minutes or more. Practitioners can work as long as agreed and as long as you do no harm.
  1. HYBRID MLD: Provide regular services (i.e., full body massage), and then provide MLD to only the affected area of swelling while the rest of the body receives its normal course of treatment. In full body massage, if the therapist spends 10-minutes massaging one leg, then the therapist would spend 10-minutes on the opposite leg with MLD.  The goal is to keep the appointment session fluid and even between the swollen and normal areas of the bodywork.
  1. FULL BODY MLD: Full Body Lymphatic Drainage (i.e., detox treatment). Full body sessions on average take 90-minutes, but like almost any other bodywork, practitioners can modify the session to make it shorter or longer time.

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