REGISTERED CE INSTITUTE LLC WEBINAR FLORIDA STUDENTS ONLY: 12 CE Germs, COVID-19, Sanitation, Ethics, Errors, Laws & Trafficking

CE Institute LLC

$19.95 $119.40

As of August 7, 2021 - this limited time package offer is no longer available.  

CE Institute LLC specializes in live hands-on training, and this homestudy training opportunity was provided as a massively discounted courtesy which we are unable to continue while executing so many live hands-on webinars in the month of August - our August calendar has more live classes than any of our other two other months combined.

There are plentiful CE providers who offer homestudy training.  While we would love and appreciate your homestudy business, we must focus on our live hands-ons webinar students who need our full attention to complete their hands-on lours prior to Florida's expiration date in just a few weeks.

We hope to see you again for another live training event!

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