6 Hour Lymphatic Drainage REFRESHER CLASS - No CE Credit or Certificate Awarded

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This live interactive 6 Hour Lymphatic Facial webinar class is offered on Thursday, March 18, 2021, 1:00 pm - 7:30 pm.  

This refresher class is for past CE Institute LLC lymphatic drainage students who have requested to refresh or repeat their lymphatic drainage training at a discounted price.  We have very few students in this class so it is being offered at an extra discount without CE credit or a certificate - as a refresher training alone.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Students who purchase this class will receive the SAME emails as students who are taking this class for CE credit. You will be registered in the same webinar training with other students who are paying regular full-price to receive CE credit and a CE certificate. TO BE CLEAR - there is no CE credit or CE certificate available with this $50 price of refresher training - regardless of any emails you receive after your purchase.

    Students can purchase our regular regular 6 hour lymphatic facial class with CE credit and CE certificate for $75 for the same date by clicking HERE

    This 6 CE Hour Lymphatic Facial live interactive webinar class includes review of lymphatic:

    • Lymphatic Tissues
    • Vocabulary
    • Treatment Benefits
    • Contraindications
    • Client Intake Process
    • Execution
    • Post-Treatment Recommendations
    • Pre & Post Photos of Lymphatic Facial Treatments (real recipient comparisons)
    • Instructor Demonstration of Lymphatic Facial
    • Repeated Hands-on Practice of Lymphatic Facials when Student Practices on themselves or provides their own Model (you can use a live human model or a facial mannequin which is available for around $10 via amazon prime and other online retailers)

    Students will review pre and post pics of lymphatic facials to see the different types of effectiveness a lymphatic facial can provide.  A very specific protocol of a lymphatic facial is provided (in writing) for students to follow-along and provide a Lymphatic Facial routine.  The goal at the end of this 6 hours of class is for students to be able to provide a Lymphatic Facial on their own in their own practice.

    This live Lymphatic Facial webinar will be taught by Instructor Desi Collazo.   


    As seen in the February 2021 Les Nouvelles Magazine, Lymphatic Drainage Instructor Selena Belisle discussing Lymphatic Drainage:

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