Self-paced Online Home Study 6 CE Advanced Myofascial Deep Tissue: Shoulder & Knee

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This course is approved by NCBTMB, FL, SC, GA & TN boards of massage and all states that accept NCBTMB hours.  FL Board accepts this homestudy course as it's "regular" hands-on relevant to massage technique CE credit. If you are taking this training for CE credit, please check with your own board to ensure you will receive the credit you need PRIOR TO registering or paying for this class.  

It is recommended to use a computer or laptop to take this computer based course. Cell phones and tablets are not well equipped to host a multi-hour online training, regardless of manufacturer claims.


    This course is an advanced training for those who are already familiar with superficial and deep fascia. Deep fascia encloses muscles, tendons, ligaments and more. When deep fascia encases muscles and their tendons, it is called myofascia. This course primarily focuses on deep tissue techniques for human muscles, tendons and ligaments, including advanced work with superficial and deep fascia. While all fascia is connected, this training does not address humans organs or subserous aka visceral fascia.

        In this accelerated, 95% hands-on, course in muscular therapy for injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunction, you’ll learn detailed palpation anatomy, as well as myofascial and massage techniques designed to support the treatment of the most common soft-tissue injuries in the shoulder and knee. Our focus will be on physically identifying the frequently injured ligamentous and muscle-tendon structures as well as learn the myofascial and muscular therapy techniques to address the stress and damage to these areas.

        Our class goal is to help you understand these anatomical structures as never before through physically locating and palpating each anatomical point with instructor demonstrations and student follow along practice time.

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        CE Institute LLC is excited to welcome Ben Benjamin PhD to teach Orthopedic Assessment Skills & Advanced Bodywork at our learning center.  Ben's class schedule with us is limited because he lives in/travels from Boston, MA.  Please TAKE ADVANTAGE of these wonderful advanced learning opportunities while we have them!

        Ben E. Benjamin, holds a Ph.D. in sports medicine and was the founder and President of the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts for over 30 years. He has studied under Dr. James Cyriax widely known for his pioneering work in orthopedic medicine.  Dr. Benjamin has been teaching since 1970 and has been in private practice for over 50 years. He has created dozens of webinars that are viewed by therapists around the world. He is the author of dozens articles on working with injuries as well as the widely used books in the field, Listen To Your Pain, Are You Tense?, and Exercise Without Injury. He is also the co-author of The Ethics of Touch and Conversation Transformation.

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        This live class will be held at: CE Institute LLC, 111 NE 1st Street, 9th Floor, Miami FL 33132.

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