10 CE Hour Florida Laws & Rules for Massage

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This 10 CE hour course is approved by the Florida Board of Massage.

The Florida Board of Massage requires that your training certificate match the name of your license application. Please register for this training in the exact name you want printed on your certificate. We cannot swap/alter names on school records or certificates. Do not proceed with purchase unless you can register/pay with the name you want printed on your certificate. Thank you.


The Florida Board of Massage requires all out-of-state massage therapists seeking a license to practice massage in the state of Florida to take a 10 CE Hour course in Florida Laws & Rules. Our course here satisfies that massage therapist licensing prerequisite/requirement. Upon registration/purchase of this course, you will receive immediate access to the course, test and a certificate of completion (once you pass the course test). CE Institute LLC in Miami Florida, is one of Florida's largest CE Providers/Educators for the Professional Massage Industry.  We offer quality affordable education, and we are available via email for questions at info@CeInstitute.com.

When you register/pay for this class - if you do not have a FL Massage Therapist License yet, just type N/A in the box for the license #.  Our website will require you to type something in this field but do not worry if you do not have a FL license # for this class - it is not necessary.

After you register for this course, we will send you an email with a link to access your online course. You will need to click on that email link to access your online course. You will have 7 days from the time of purchase to view your online course, take your test and download your certificate to earn your 10 Hours of CE credit. Most students are able to complete this training within 2-days. Please do not purchase this course if you are not ready to take it - this course will expire within 1 week of purchase.  Thanks

This course is only eligible for CE Credit for Florida State Massage Therapists with the Florida Board of Massage. The course is not eligible for CE Credit with any other municipality, organization or board.

Please note that the reading material for this 10 CE training is VERY LONG (it's supposed to be 10 hours); however, we only quiz you on the material and information that is relevant to massage therapy practice and business.  Because massage therapists are classified as health care providers in Florida state, they are subjected to Florida Department of Health rules.  Florida requires that ALL healthcare providers take laws and rules training pertaining to medical services within Florida statutes, and in some cases, those rules will not apply to the massage therapy profession (such as prescription drug regulation). This 10 hour course includes most of the rules, laws and regulations for ALL Florida healthcare providers as required by the Florida state statutes, but again, you will only be quizzed on what applies to massage therapy practice and business. ALL Florida 10 CE laws educators are required to have students pass a short quiz with this training to show your course completion. Please be sure to follow the instructions provided at the beginning and end of your 10 CE hour booklet.  That includes completing our course survey (required by the board) and downloading your CE certificate so that you can use it as needed. Thanks!


CE Broker Course # for the Florida Board of Massage: 20-701622

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