Support our Black Leaders & Educate the World Movement

CE Institute LLC of Miami, FL is offering an essay contest to promote strong black leaders who have positively contributed to society (past or present).  This is our opportunity to spotlight the champions of our civilization.  In highlighting these leaders, we can share their contributions which have helped improve our world for all.  One of our many company goals is promote strength and education for all individuals, regardless of ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, age, gender or religion.

Black Leader Essay Contest Rules

  1. Please keep your essay to under 500 words or less.
  2. Please include a photo of your leader with your submission (which you own and provide us permission to post, or any photo that is free for re-use), which can be reposted here or any other appropriate place.
  3.  Your individual essay subject can be a parent, sibling, child, teacher, professional athlete, coworker, or any other black individual who deserves to be highlighted for their positive contribution to society.
  4. Submissions must be made by a licensed massage therapist who is at least 18 years of age by email to:
  5. CE Institute LLC staff and associates will chose up to 5 winning authors by December 31, 2020.  We will post the winner's submissions here on this website page plus provide each winner a $200 credit to CE Institute LLC classes.  Winners must use their $200 credit within one year of the award. This educational credit cannot be redeemed for cash nor is it nontransferable or salable.



WINNER:  Fearless Black Leader - Winsome Bolt

Winsome Bolt is one of today's fiercest black leaders.  She is also under-recognized and has never achieved the fame or attention that she deserves.  Winsome is an artist in her own right in Miami, Florida, and an enormous supporter of other artists, namely unknown struggling black artists who are striving for recognition and success.  Through art, Winsome has found a positive and ever-lasting way to share timeless messages and information.  With Denise Marlow, Winsome helped design and create a Peace Statue that is mounted in the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Each year on Sept 21st (Peace Day), elected officials and schools celebrate at this Peace Monument. The Monument is one of the few permanent statues (if not the only permanent statue) to have been publicly installed in Miami Beach by black artists.  At this same public garden for the past 14 years, Winsome has hosted an annual one-day Summer Creative Art Camp for hundreds of attendees. Winsome teaches various art and enrichment classes at the Overtown Youth Center, Happy Kids, Miami-Dade County Public Schools at Surfside Community Center and Feinberg Fischer.  Winsome’s lifetime achievements include finding ways to back other artists, including plentiful black artists, by show-casing their works in corporate offices plus private homes, hosting meet and greets with artists, teaching art and supporting the use of ethnic models and cultural interpretations in numerable forms of craft.  In keeping with her constant support for small business, Winsome has even been a model for our own CranioSacral Classes here at CE Institute.  Winsome is regularly willing to help anyone at any time with almost anything!  One of the things that makes Winsome so special is how open she is to spreading worldly cultural and ethnic artistic representations as a supporter, artist, interior designer and redesign consultant.  She is inclusive of different talents and views, as any true artist should. She is kind, patient, available, supportive and a true hero for any community.  Through her own work including massive support of ethnic arts and other black artists, Winsome has shared wonderful peace and valuable educational societal contributions.  You can learn more about Ms. Bolt and her work by clicking HERE to view her facebook page. This example essay was submitted by Selena Belisle, Founder & Owner of CE Institute LLC.  This essay submission is not eligible for scholarship but does provide a perfect sample essay of one of our local and fierce, strong black leaders.  We are seeking to promote incredible leaders like Winsome Bolt, to give a platform and promote their positive contributions for the world.


Here is an article written by CNN.  The article showcases one of today's strong black leaders: Lebron James.  CNN's homepage links the article with the following title:  Why LeBron makes his biggest impact off the floor

This is a another example of the type of article that we are seeking for our strong black leader's awards.  The articles submitted for this essay contest do not have to be professional written or polished like this CNN piece, nor does the submission need to be about someone famous.  We simply want to highlight and bring focus to our world's leaders, and we felt this piece about Mr. James was another perfect fit.  Please click HERE to read the CNN article in full.