Increase your Income with Retail Product Sales in your Business or Establishment

Retailng products can help increase your income while gaining new clients and offering new and exciting experiences in your bodywork practice or massage establishment. In this 16-minute video, we'll review 7 ways in how you can start a retail practice, boost income and retain clients with retail sales.  This review includes:

  1. Choosing a Product Manufacturer
  2. Choosing the Right Products
  3. Talk About the Product Benefits
  4. Put Your Sales Opportunities into Electronic Action
  5. Keep the Excitement Going at the Office
  6. Product Display and Merchandising
  7. The Educational Check-Out

For more training opportunities, please visit:

To view the Massage Magazine article that was written by Selena Belisle at CE Institute LLC that covers what is reviewed in this video in greater detail, please visit:

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