How to Create a Bridal Spa Party with Housecalls and Outcalls for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers

Serving the bridal market with special events can boost income, increase business visibility and introduce you to new clients. In this 21-minute video, we'll discuss this and more with a lavendar theme.  You can create any type of housecall party event such as birthdays, holidays and bridal parties with these suggestions.  You can also use various essential oils to create your party theme, such as purple for lavendar or green for spearmint, etc. 

Bridal spa parties can be serviced at home or at your establishment.  These parties do not have to be gender-based.  Creating your party should be whatever the client wishes for as long as it is within reason to create a success.

Please do not provide outcall parties or services that are not within your licensed scope of practice or operations.

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