24 CE Hour 2021 Florida Licensed Massage Therapist Renewal Package $109.95

CE Institute LLC

$109.95 $239.75



WE WILL NO LONGER OFFER THIS DISCOUNTED PACKAGE FOR SALE AS OF AUGUST 25, 2021 (and perhaps earlier - seats are SELLING OUT). If you wish to purchase this 24 CE $109.95 package training, then please purchase NOW.

This 24 CE Hour 2021 Florida Licensed Massage Therapist Renewal Package (the limited time discounted package price is $109.95 as of July 15, 2021) includes:

  • one 12 CE hour live interactive webinar (please choose one class from list above)
  • one 12 CE hour of self-paced/homestudy course that includes the following:
    • 5 CE Hours Germs, COVID-19, & Proper Sanitation for a LMT (must be completed online within 3-days of purchase)
    • 1 CE Hour Human Trafficking (must be completed online within 3-days of purchase)
    • 2 CE Hours Ethics (must be completed online within 3-days of purchase)
    • 2 CE Hours Prevention of Errors (must be completed online within 3-days of purchase)
    • 2 CE Hours FL Massage Rules (must be completed online within 3-days of purchase)
    • The 12 CE Hours of SELF-SERVICE/HOMESTUDY COURSES will be immediately available with purchase and expire after 3-days.  Please complete your self-paced/homestudy within 3-days of purchase or else it will no longer be accessible to complete or receive CE Credit.  After purchase, we will email you a blue button to access your self-paced homestudy 12 CE course. This 12 hour prepackaged bundle of homestudy self-service courses cannot be edited - it is a take it or leave it prepackaged bundle of courses.


Students MUST purchase this license renewal CE package from this website page to receive the 24 hour FLORIDA LMT package for $109.95.  Please do not purchase a class from a different website page and then try to switch to this package.  We also cannot separate or switch classes in this massively discounted package.  Please do not contact us for these types of special requests that cannot be provided.

  • Students can make a one-time free reschedule of their live interactive webinar to a 2nd webinar date from this list if needed. Students can reschedule to a 3rd and final webinar date from this list in an emergency with a $25 admin fee.  We are unable to provide a 4th webinar date for 1 purchase. 7-days notice is required to reschedule all webinars.
  • Students MUST complete their 12 hours of self-study courses within THREE days of purchase.  24 CE hour $109.95 packages provide us extremely tight budgets.  Please do not purchase this package if you are not ready to start and complete your online self-study courses - we cannot provide extra time for a 24 hour $109.95 purchase.

Our administrative support is limited at these prices and compounded by the pandemic. We could not offer or sell this package at this price without these important policies.

Our 24 CE Hour Florida Massage Therapist License Renewal Package has EVERYTHING a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist needs to renew their active Florida Massage Therapy License for the August 31, 2021 renewal. 

Your 12 CE Hour "Hands-on" Course will be provided via an online LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBINAR.  We have special approvals from NCBTMB and Florida Board of Massage to teach our regular live hands-on classes as live interactive webinars until August 31, 2021.  Please click HERE to review our Live Interactive Webinar FAQs & Policies website page prior to registering.   

CE Credit & Reporting:

  • Your 12 CE Hour Hands-on Live Interactive Webinar is approved and eligible for both NCBTMB & Florida Board of Massage CE Credit.
  • Your 12 CE Hour Online Self-Study Classes (Germs Trafficking, Ethics, Errors & Rules) is only eligible for Florida Board of Massage CE Credit.  Please be sure to follow and complete all online self-study course instructions to earn your CE credit!  Your online/self-study 12 CE course is immediately available with purchase (we will email you a blue button to access the self-paced/homestudy course) and you will have THREE days to complete the self-paced/homestudy course before it expires.
  • We will report all of your completed CE hours to CE Broker within 1-week of your course completions.

After you register/pay for your 24 CE Hour License Renewal Package, we will email you a link to start your online self-study courses.  Please check your spam if you do not see this email in your inbox within 5 minutes of your order. 



Here are the website links to the 12 CE Hour Live Interactive Webinars we are providing with this 2021 Florida Massage Therapist License Renewal Package (classes will be added and removed from this list regularly with ongoing student registrations):   


12 CE Hour Myofascial & Neuromuscular Therapy Live Interactive Webinar

Saturday & Sunday, August 28 & 29, 2021 from 11:00 am - 5:30 pm.


12 CE Hour Myofascial Release & Advanced Medical Foot Massage Live Interactive Webinar

Saturday, August 28, 2021 from 11:00 am - 5:30 pm & Monday, August 30, 2021 from 11 am - 5:30 pm (there are no class hours on Sunday)


FLORIDA THERAPIST:  Our goal is to report CE hours to CE Broker for August 30th courses either a couple hours after the end of the course, or by 12 pm noon the day after the Aug 30th classes finish.  We will have all CE hours reported to CE Broker by noon Aug 31, 2021. We are not teaching on Aug 31st so that we can focus full time on CE reporting as needed.