Massage, Bodyworker, Spa & Salon Safety Tips & Practices During COVID-19

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Students can pay $19.95 and additionally receive:

  • A 10-page handout of notes and resources that were reviewed in the free course (PDF document to be downloaded by student)
  • A 5-question test to show competency of how to help minimize your COVID-19 risk at work
  • A certificate verifying your course completion in: COVID-19 Workplace Safety Tips

Students must complete their 5-question test and download their hand-out/certificate within 2-days of course purchase.  It should not take students more than 15 minutes to pass their test and complete their downloads.  Students can repeatedly take their test until they pass, or until their 2-day access expires.


There is no CE credit available with this course, however, you might safe a life including your own with some of these practices.  The only way to prevent the acquisition of COVID-19 is to SELF-ISOLATE, so if you must work, we hope you can use some of these massage, bodywork, spa, salon and alternative health care workplace safety tips!


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