1 CE Hour Intro to TCM Concepts $10 ONLINE

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This Class is a very basic introductory course, and would not be appropriate for those who are already trained in or well-versed in Chinese Medicine.

This 1 CE Hour Online Course briefly reviews different Traditional Chinese Medicine Concepts including: Qi, Five Element Theory, Yin Yang, Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis plus Harmonization. Lecture includes some differences between Eastern & Western Medical Practice plus different thoughts of interpretation of TCM.

This is a Beginner Introductory 1 Hour Course.  This course would not be appropriate for professionals already practicing or educated in TCM.

After you register for this course, we will send you an email with a link to access your online course. You will need to click on that email link to access you online course. You will have 7 days to access the course and earn your CE credit from when we send that access email.

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